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Hi /ck,

I was wondering if you guys might have any tips as to how to make cheap frozen chicken breasts (pic related) tastier to eat?

The problem is that this stuff is the cheapest chicken, and I try to get a lot of protein in (I normally lurk on /fit), and these chicken breasts are a great way to do it. Problem is they taste like shit, there's a real taste of freezer burn on them, and they have so much water in them it's ridiculous, I tried frying them in oil once and it was splattering everywhere because of the water.

Is there any way to mitigate this, or should I just bit the bullet and buy more expensive chicken? I figure there must be something that can be done, like brining for instance but I wanted to ask the experts first.

Also yes, I'm a Swedefag, Glad Midsommar

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buy thigh.

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defrost, dry brine, sous vide, sear
feel free to sous vide in whatever marinade you want. I would just not buy frozen foods or breasts at all instead getting thighs or legs or just whole chickens

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Is the taste really that different from frozen breasts from Kronfågel or Guldfågeln?

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the secret is to get a better fucking freezer

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don't buy the big ones. if there's three pieces in a fucking kg, you can bet your ass they're 30% water. gross

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He wants to stay /fit/, not grow tits, so why would you recommend him cooking his food in fucking plastic?

“Almost all plastics leach endocrine disrupting chemicals, BPA-free onces partly even more”
>Results: Almost all commercially available plastic products we sampled—independent of the type of resin, product, or retail source—leached chemicals having reliably detectable EA, including those advertised as BPA free. In some cases, BPA-free products released chemicals having more EA than did BPA-containing products.
>Conclusions: Many plastic products are mischaracterized as being EA free if extracted with only one solvent and not exposed to common-use stresses. However, we can identify existing compounds, or have developed, monomers, additives, or processing agents that have no detectable EA and have similar costs. Hence, our data suggest that EA-free plastic products exposed to common-use stresses and extracted by saline and ethanol solvents could be cost-effectively made on a commercial scale and thereby eliminate a potential health risk posed by most currently available plastic products that leach chemicals having EA into food products.

Buy thights. If not possible, make soups or stews with it. Bake them with crusts in the oven. Marinade for a day and sear. Make Cordon Bleu out of it. Or Fricassee. Pretty much anything goes outside of just thowing it as is in the pan.

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use polyethylene or silicone bags. also any freezer plastic bag would be fine

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Have you even read the study? PE is hormonaly active in real life circumstances, especially in combination of fat and heat, which always leech out ED. Silicone, if not properly heat treated before selling, also isn't healthy and leeches out similar components. Thats why you should temper your bought silicone at home (4-5h at - I think it was 170°C) to actively air the production residue out before putting food in it. PE on the other hand is absolute ED, even water bottles left in the sun made of ED will give you tits. Let alone cooking fatty marinades meats in it. That's basically eatig canned food, which too is lined in plastics.

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bro I get it but our buddy in the thread is eating industrial frozen chicken in a bag. no matter how careful you are there will be bad shit happening upstream. And you can avoid plastic bags all you want but 90% of your microplastic (and all those other ED PE EPA BPA RAEA GWA BAWT WTYAS ) are from your water so just filter that before having a schizo episode. And yeah the silicone sous vide bags are properly heat treated. I mean I just use my anova precision oven to sous vide but that's a $480-660 investment depending on if it's on sale or not lol

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There is nothing wrong with frozen meat (or vegetables), actually many will be fresher than bought couple days old at the store "fresh". Sure it's cheap and watery but there is nothing hormornal going out. And even if, adding a shitton of more EDs to oney diet wont make it better. That would be reason mroe so to avoid further exposure. If you eat SV once in a blue moon, sure, enjoy if it floats your boat, but its nothing for daily consumption in big /fit/ amounts.

You should also use a tab water filter, even BRITA is better than nothing. Not only does it filter microplastics but also medical residue which you want to avoid. It's not expansive and easy to adapt to even a rental. Nothing about those point is schizo, just sharing common facts with those obviously not yet in the know, which OP obviously isn't as he doen't even know how to cook cheap meat to be palatable.

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>Marinade for a day

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>nothing wrong with frozen meat in plastic bags
???? Also it's gone through what a dozen temperature fluctuations (killed then frozen then moved to loading area then distribution area then truck then distribution center then truck then to grocery store distribution center then truck then grocery store back then to consumer side freezer then cart/drive home). Also those cheap charcoal filters do not filter microplastics lmfao. Hope you were doing better than that. Look into cleansui btw

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/fit/ are a bunch of cooklets

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>Also it's gone through what a dozen temperature fluctuations (killed then frozen then moved to loading area then distribution area then truck then distribution center then truck then to grocery store distribution center then truck then grocery store back then to consumer side freezer then cart/drive home)
>what is a Kühlkette
You know that frozen meat gets instantly processed and frozen, at which point the temperature has to be kept constant till the consumer buys it? There are no temp fluctuations which would change the frosted state.

>Also those cheap charcoal filters do not filter microplastics lmfao
They don't filter all, but most of it. I personally have a tab access one from Carbonit, which filters pretty much everthing. It's a multilevel filter, each ceramic+charcoil filter costs 30€ for 6 months of use. BRITA was just something for a poorfag, as its better than not doing anything at all. At least it will filter out 50-75% of the problematic floaties, as microplastic isn't uniformelly sized.

Or ESL which don't care to spellcheck, Anglo.

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yeah it's terrible, and I feel it borderline should be illegal to write on the packet "2000g" because half of that is water which comes out during the cooking, but it's Ica Basic, the cheapest of the cheap and I guess you get what you pay for

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>at which point the temperature has to
bro this is bargain bin factory meat. They are not putting that much attention into these kind of things so 100% these will sit out for an hour during one stage or another from the meat factory to distribution center to grocery store. You are having a schizo meltdown over food grade plastic but somehow have faith in cut cost grocery story products and the minimum they pay for the logistics for it

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Doesnt matter, this gets state supervised and controlled. If you fail, your whole production gets closed. You making up somedefrosting boogeyman because I poited out actual dangers of endocrine disrutption leading to fertility reduction and bitch tits is, well, funny? If you dont care for you hormonal health, be my guest, SV to your heats content.

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All meat with loose water due to defrosting, as the cells have been fucked by ice christalls. I's still the nutri valu of 2kg of chicken breast, just with less tissue water.

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I'd try poaching them, change the water out after it comes to the boil the first time to reduce the freezer burn taste, then throw a couple stock cubes in with the replacement water. Make a sauce by pouring hot oil over garlic and spring onion, or something like a salsa or chimichurri.

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I mean it says right there on the bag it's 80% so that means 20% water, not half

Just checked and Kronfågel and Guldfågeln frozen chicken breasts are 87%

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>pouring hot oil
Why does it have to be hot?

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Because otherwise the flavour will not extract quickly.

I do however not understand why it can't be done the other way around. I know it's the traditional Chinese way, but you can also add the spices to the pan instead, much safer and really the same result. Then you can wait until it cools and pour it into a jar or whatever.

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marinade them or do >>18031979
either way you'll up the calories from 4.7kcal per gram of protein to about 8kcal per gram P, but that's still pretty good overall and you'll be able to keep it up for longer cause you're not eating disgusting chicken that makes you wanna die.

you can also brine them, which is just a free improvement to your chicken basically, in a solution of 70g of salt in 2 liters of water if I remember correctly.

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It'll be fairly comparitively otherwise.
It's just kinda fun, to be honest. I doubt it's noticeably different to heating oil in a pot and throwing the stuff in when it's hot. Maybe there's a small risk of overcooking?

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Buy better ingredients eller slurpa mer av dina bögpolare i duschen efteråt

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You now imagine the feeling of your teeth touching and slightly sinking into the raw frozen chicken

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>Buys the store new freezers so when you buy the chicken you can realize that the problem does not lie with the freezer that the chicken is stored in and that the problem is how they freeze the shittychicken at the factory.

you're a genius Anon
would take advice from again

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