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It gets bigger when I bake it.

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Sometimes I bake it so hard, it cracks the crust

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Our daddy taught us not to be ashamed of our dough.

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Will you show me?

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Ugh it's so annoying you guys are so gay!
Also I'm gay btw not sure if that matters desu

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I'd be right happy to

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Who's got the 50c cookiemix?
Let's show 'em who's boss.

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Our daddy taught us not be ashamed of our loafs, 'specially cause their such a good size 'n all.

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Fuck you!

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This thread isn't too bad at all

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Without further interruption, lets celebrate and knead some dough!

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This bread is gay af

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ok, throw me some measurements

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25549895998fl oz

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Hey buddy I think you got the wrong dough, the sourdough starter's two cabinets down

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If you aren't using vaginal yeast then you're doing it wrong.

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