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What's your favorite?

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apple for me
but lemon meringue is a close second
never had key lime, but I figure I might like that more than lemon

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>no pizza pie

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of those i like 6 and 1 best
i always liked oreo and fudge layered icecream cake/pie as a kid
marionberry is amazing
crumble-tops are amazing
choc cheesecake is divine when done by a pro
simple decadent chocolate on chocolate my dad made with killer batter and special recipe frosting just melted in your mouth.
always wanted to try red velvet
that cookie looking one (last) in op looks good, would also love to try it

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sorry, sort of delved into cakes in addition to pie fav’s

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Strawberry rhubarb is my favorite, but pecan and pumpkin are good too.

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whats the one bottom right?

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Pecan (pronounced peh-con. Only faggots eat pee cans)

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Pumpkin and key lime.

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Just a simple, humble pumpkin pie.

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For me, it’s Key Lime Pie

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>What's your favorite?

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>implying you need more

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What’s bottom right? Looks like an underdone cookie pie.

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More like key lime cake

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worked at a pie bakery for 2 years. never was really a fan of pie. went to picrel last year and had a slice of cherry pie, it was god tier.
strawberry rhubarb crisp is way better than any pie however.

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Tarte au citron meringuée #1

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I want to eat the plastic part

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That's probably chocolate

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its gotta be lemon or pumpkin

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Pumpkin pie but my ovaries are begging for top left

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Buttermilk pie blocks your path

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Cheesecake. It's a cake in name only.

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Key Lime or Pumpkin

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For me it's xD pie

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Shepherds Pie

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Chicken and mushroom.
Mutton Curry.
Spinach and Feta.
Steak and kidney.

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most of those are tarts

smdh spastic yanks

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all of them

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>pastry crust

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Top Middle
Left Middle
Top Right
Bottom Middle
Bottom Left
Top Left
Bottom Right
Right Middle

This is how I rate them

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coconut creme pie > apple pie > chocolate creme pie > everything else

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Cheesecake, mince meat, or pumpkin

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That's good too

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Eat a dick, limey

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Hair pie.

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Smurf pie

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