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South Louisiana or Carribean style? I am still not sure which is the best. South LA has the vinegary trait but Carib has a nice rich chile tannins.
Pic related my HS kitchen shelf

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i just got my shipment of Flatiron Dark and Smokey - cant wait to use them

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Warning soiboy redditor thread

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Hothead here. It's all down to what you're fiending for. SoLo is great when you're looking for quick burn and feel that scalp hotness before going about your day. Caribbean is for when you're done for the day and are looking to get flushed and sweaty bigtime. Needless to say, a heat freak like me is gonna pick Caribbean and save the SoLo for when I still have things to do that day.

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This is accurate

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you're supposed to keep most of these bad boys in the fridge m8

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Apocalypse chocolate going to produce big time! Very healthy plant. Look at all these prospective peppers!

Has anyone tried this varietal before?

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Look at how beautiful these bad boys are. Not mine unfortunately.

1mil+ scovilles apparently.

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Stop it!

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This is the thread that needs the velcro meme.

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they look pretty mean anon, did you grow yourself?

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Do you think they had fridges in the tropics? I am going the local way anon

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No, but in a few months the ones in growing should be ready to eat.

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Depends on purpose.
For Carribean style my favorite has always been Captn Sleepy's. As far as I know it's 100% impossible to get now.

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What are the different purposes? Depending on dish you mean?

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Yeah depending on the dish, the Captn Sleepy's one is best as a dipping sauce or something that gets drizzled over something like seafood.
I spoke with the guy who created that sauce to try to convince him to make another production run and he was chilling out on his boat, no way directly it's a huge expense.

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