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Where's the wizard who can turn this in decent meal?

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hes at the back of your closet hiding with your sexuality

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>literally some of the easiest ingredients to work with
Anybody who's not a mongoloid could make a meal out of those.

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If all you did was heat all that up in a pan and combined you'd be fine, honestly.

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Huh? No chopping, no order, bean fluid taste great?

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wouldn't be the worst thing you've ever made. be honest.

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chop up the bacon and some garlic, drain beans, stuff them into the pepper cut lengthwise and grill it

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Damn, how is anyone supposed to make a meal out of beans, bacon, a huge fresh pepper and clove of garlic? It is literally impossible, I'm afraid You better just throw those in the trash lest you get false hope.

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im a simple man, I'd pan fry the bacon without draining the fat, mince the garlic and toss in pan as I'm taking out bacon, turn down heat, add diced pepper, simmer. Drain the can of beans n throw in pan with bacon fat n mash with fork, add bacon, eat. Absolutely love homemade refried beans in bacon fat.

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Chili beans you morons.

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I got chili flakes, chili powder and 'racha. But it would defeat the purpose.

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Some kind of chili with bacon and beans?

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Pre-cook the bacon, put it aside.
Cut a third of the chili, reduce the big part to paste, put the paste in a pan with a crushed garlic clove.
Add water to the pan and let the sauce simmer.
Cut the rest of the chili into slices and add them to the sauce.
Add the beans, let them cook for a while.
Add the pre-cooked bacon after cutting it in bits.

And voilà, you've got something palatable with only what you had on the pic.

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Finely chop pepper and garlic. Sauté with bacon. Add beans and water. Simmer.

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Chop em all up, mix them with the beans, cook. Enjoy.

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Or just eat the beans

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I just bought those for a dorrar each, would they help?

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You have to clip the wings of the cumin to make sure it doesn't fly away

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Cook the bacon, remove fron pan, drain most of the fat, cook the pepper and garlic in the bacon fat, throw jn the beans to heat up, add back in the bacon

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Showed this to my husband and he said "Cook the bacon and take it out, chop up the peppies and garlic and toss it into the pan and cook then add thos beans and bacon and wa la" good luck anon!

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You’re a wizard harry

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Just toss it all into a hot pan together. Dice it all first. There you go. Sounds like a fine meal.

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Feta and red onions makes a difference, mkay

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Throw that in a pot and cook it bro

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ICA's bacon is better and it's not even close. Consider yourself redpilled

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Can't remember where I bought it. Me think online. Heja ikea. Still making business in Russia?

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