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green chili cheeseburger

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you got anything else to say about it?

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green chili cheeseburger

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these are really nice but the chili doesn't taste right unless it grows in a hot and arid environment
so I can't just grow my own hatch chili

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Gorgeous scenery and I love every time I go, but I can’t stand the summer highs and every town is filled with shambling meth-heroin-fentanyl zombies like nowhere else I’ve ever seen

Also, not impressed with their mexican food. Alwayd feels too tex-mex, and not very spicy, though maybe I just don’t pick the right places

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carne asada fries

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>Alwayd feels too tex-mex
It actually has a lot of similarities and roots with Tex Mex. There are actually a lot smaller distinctions in things like New Mexico style Mexican food, which carries into Arizona. Then you get to Southern California which has its own distinction, often with seafood.

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Your terms are acceptable.

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This transaction is sealed

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Best green chile burger in albaturkey is laguna burger

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this looks crazy delicious.

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It really is
Just dont let those fucking injuns over cook it, That happens sometimes when they get busy

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Just stay out of the poor places and reservations
most of the southwest is awesome and drug problems are far far worse in the midwest and south

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Not a chance dude. I go around the whole country and while there are homeless everywhere, only in SoCal and southwestern cities like Phoenix, Tucson, Albuquerque do you see so many of them out in the open, because of the warm dry weather. Albuquerque was especially bad with drug addicts

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>Albuquerque was especially bad with drug addicts
Thats just the perception from the film industry having breaking bad there
Confirmation bias when tourists drive down central and see a few homeless then they add that information to whats already rolling around in their brain.
Southern california has every drug addict from the rest of the country and that is why the west coast is uninhabitable now.
Tucson is a low rent shithole and always has been
Next time you come through check out all the cool mountain towns like Flagstaff and Santa Fe

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No you idiot I have been to albuquerque and saw that shit. You really think there are as many homeless in the open in Chcago during the winter, as the warm desert?

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>Tucson is a low rent shithole and always has been
Holy shit rekt.

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>homeless in the open in Chcago during the winter,
Chicago has much darker problems than a few homeless drug addicts anon

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>much darker problems
Carlos you're such a bastard.

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gren chele chisborgir?

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is that a kitchen burger?

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It was indeed made in my kitchen, Mr. Yang.

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Have you considered joining the forward party?

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>problems are far far worse in the midwest and south
Not a chance my man

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They for sure are.
The southwest its a few white trash , some hispanics and tons of natives

In the flyover states is vast swaths of poor white people

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