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Bajabros, we’re home…

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We won

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>fat faggots advertising to other fat faggots

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Kinda lame that no matter how much you drink you can only win one six pack of the deep dive, and you have to drink one of each flavor to even get an entry. I don't think I'm going to go as hard at this contest as I did the last one, I got a longboard and a hammock from the previous giveaway.

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Where do they sell these even? Walmarts, and gas station stores?

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>go to fred meyer
>see baja blast 12-pack
>no baja blast zero

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>Still not permanent
I will NEVER forgive you faggots who voted for fucking Pitch Black of all things over Baja Blast in DEWcision 2016 and then DIDN'T EVEN BUY ANY OF IT AFTER IT WON.
>b-but you could already get baja blast at taco bell!!!

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shut the fuck up seethe cope mald

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I'll believe it when I see it in canada. If it does, I'm getting a few cases.

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>baja blast
short blast?
low blast?
How is that an appetizing flavor?

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It's named after
And you don't drink the name so it'd be irrelevant to the quality of the drink either way.

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California appears nowhere on the label.

>> No.18022470

I don't even like dew just blast. I got the pineapple today it's okay. Wish I could win something like that

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>mystery flavor
when are they going to stop doing this disgusting shit

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Based cherry chip cake enjoyer holy shit I love you

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>he can’t appreciate a little intrigue and mystery

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>pay us money to taste some disgusting shit
they did this shit already and it sucked like four years in a row why are you still such a consoomer for it

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Appearing on the label isn't the same thing as being the basis for a name.

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Neither of those are available here in New Delhi :(

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I bought tons of it when they brought it back, then I took a break because I got burned out and would just grab one when I was in the mood for it. It was made into a permanent flavor after all, why feel the need to rush to grab one? It's not limited time now, so I can buy it at my leisure. Then the lying assholes took it away anyway. They would have done the same to your precious Baja, so don't act like the vote would have changed anything if it had won. At least Baja comes back every year.
Those are the Halloween VooDew sodas and they're just candy flavors, they tell you at the end of October what they were and it was candy corn the first year, Skittles the next, and Starbursts last year. I don't think any of that is "disgusting", you just got mindfucked by not knowing ahead of time. The one for the contest is called Deep Dive and it's a blend of Baja Blast and other flavor like the Pineapple and Mango ones that are regular release, and the big obvious theory is that it's Pitch Black. (A Deep Dive in the ocean would be Pitch Black, purple can, someone noticed in the artwork that one of the tentacles is holding a Dew bottle with a Pitch Black logo, etc.) The only way to get it is to win a six pack from this contest, of which you have to drink all three varieties for a single entry, that they're not giving away till September, and they're only sending out 18,000 of them, so it's not like it's anything for you to worry about anyway.

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>They would have done the same to your precious Baja,
No, because unlike with Pitch Black, lots of people actually buy Baja Blast.
The main reason Pitch Black won DEWcision 2016 is that lots of retards thought Baja Blast being at Taco Bell made having it permanently available in bottle not matter as much.

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oh shit I remember doing this in high school and grinding for the tshirt, that was like 8 years ago

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>drinking goy juice

>> No.18024746

imagine being this far gone

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