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What's for dinner today, guys?

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Cinnamon buns are a dessert, not a dinner.

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nothing, I ate yesterday.

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Nothing, fasting. Making dough tonight to let it rise for tomorrow.

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i'm having dessert for dinner.
you have to eat something anon, you cant be a skeleton

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I'd love to, but moving was more expensive than I had accounted for.

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Been eating these guys for the last three days, more concerned on my drinking.

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looks like a lot of salt intake anon

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not sure yet
I need to go to the store after work
might be pizza, I have dough in the fridge
might be something else

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ive been eating canned fish + egg rolls + olives + cheese pretty much every night for the last few months. I have a cup ramen at 450 calories for lunch, that dinner, and 1700 calories of beer.

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>that plate
you're a bottom aren't you

>> No.18021745

if i were a bottom i would be eating something a bit more bottom friendly would i not?

>> No.18021753

Is it a regular thing for you to eat 5 cinnamon buns for dinner?

>> No.18021757

no, usually i get ice cream instead. but tomorrow im gonna eat 8

>> No.18021760

If your toes or fingers ever start tingling, you may want to see a doctor.

>> No.18021782

holy WANT.
i’ll take a second pan of what op’s having, waiter friend.

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I made vegetable mash with garlic, butter and parsley. Potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots and brussels sprouts. Served up a steaming mound along with some standard pork sausages, cooked slowly to develop crisp skins and juicy meat. Poured the pan grease over everything. Very comforting and tasty.

Mashing vegetables into potatoes is a good way of eating them.

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>He thinks we won't know that those are from the pre-made rolls of Pillsbury cinnamon roll dough.
Anon, I recognize that pattern on the top of the roll a fuckin mile away.

>> No.18021974

lul when did i ever say they werent pillsbury
captcha: W8GNR

>> No.18022063

Seltzer water and cigarettes

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cod and roasted potatoes.

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it was supposed to be some strip steaks done sous vide, but the fucking bag ripped
I'm so goddamn mad

>> No.18022447

looks good
just grill them. howd the bag rip

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I'm bulking up right now and putting no thought or care into anything I'm cooking, today I'm eating the same exact meal for breakfast lunch and dinner, I work graveyard shift and get home at 2 am. and there's a person living in my front room that's connected to my kitchen. Don't want to wake him up with cooking when I get home, so I make one big shitty meal when I wake up, and put it all in the fridge.
Chicken rice carrots....again...

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Canned oysters rolled in seasoned flour and fried in butter the app was a turkey sandwich

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I see you in the spoon you look cute uwu

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looks like shit honestly. you can do better than that. looks like crappy bulking food too, i think you should add more chicken or some other protein food

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That doesn’t look too bad. I’ll try that someday.

>> No.18022709

no idea, I must not have noticed it when I was bagging it, put it in the water during my lunch break so I was a bit rushed
half-inch long tear just a little bit below the water line, by the time I was off work it was flooded
searing the hell out of it kinda saved it, although it was definitely overcooked and soggy
could have been much worse I guess

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Watermelon with salt and lemon juice. And a nice glass of Hi-C

>> No.18022746

Pls open bobs beautiful i am make sex on you

>> No.18022982

look on the bright side, you gave your steaks a nice water marination

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Apple cooked in cinnamon and honey on porridge. Winter here so very comfy.

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This is how Bubble and Squeak works

>> No.18023014

I would say be careful with accruing mercury from the canned fish, but if you're drinking that much beer then I'm sure it'll balance out

>> No.18023137

Basically sounds like a Dutch dish called stamppot

>> No.18023161

nice food chang

>> No.18023169

there's a lot going on in this picture

>> No.18023185

2 blue cheese sausages and a plate of pickled herring

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lot of random veggies underneath

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Nacho day
here it is in oven, it's almost ready to come out.
Yes, I know I need to clean the oven.

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>looks like shit honestly
when you're eating huge amounts of relatively clean food sometimes ease of eating is more important than flavor.

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These aren't even that good to be honest. Way dryer than they should be.

>> No.18023468

I have that same oven. it fucking sucks.

show nachos when done tho

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the cheese is way darker than it seems in the picture, a perfect golden brown

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Last time I got a cinnamon roll it was raw in the middle and they were from a place known for them

>> No.18023541

Why did you cook the cold ingredients like the lettuce and tomatoes? I imagine hot, soggy, and wilted lettuce isn't very palatable on nachos.

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Osage meat pies

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What lettuce? those are scallions, just hand torn and not sliced. The key is to cook it at 350f for 45 minutes then everything is perfect and there is no sogginess.

>> No.18023566

I made it for someone else. I don't eat food, I've surpassed the need for it. But the person I made it for is very particular with the red onion, green pepper, tomato, scallions, olives, meat sauce, cheese etc
I had to figure out the perfect mix of temp and time to cook everything perfectly without having wetness or a burnt finished product

>> No.18023585

you should've diced them up and sprinkled them on raw desu
also if you use shredded block cheese it will melt far better, shredded cheese has additives (mostly flour) that prevent it from sticking together and melting right

>> No.18023668

I appreciate the tips, but it has to be made it a very specific way for this person

>> No.18023703

Yeah I don't disagree with that.
All in all it's probably not more than 700 calories, but I account for some snacking here and there. Hoping to be like 500 calorie surplus, I'll need something more.
But you're right, I'll need to find some more protein to fit in there somewhere

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Chicken Fricassée; it was delicious.

>> No.18023949

why didnt you put your pillsbury cinnamon rolls close together so they touched and fluffed up some while baking.

>> No.18023976

one pound of dried kidney beans will make 3 pounds cooked, and costs like $1.25.

>> No.18024106

looks pretty based, long cooktime nachos anon. I will try your tip sometime. I like the texture tortilla chips take when they've been baking for a while, and I like nachos with a ton of veggies. lately I've been experimenting with making a cheese sauce with colby jack, sodium citrate and a little water or milk (plus seasonings and add ins like brined jalapenos), but I should return to the classic. oven nachos are unbeatable when done right.

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Try going to a local food bank maybe?

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Also made butterscotch pudding so it can go in here too. dessert is an important component of dinner right..?

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Ghujiya, nice.

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I'd cram that

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Spaghetti and meatballs. Simple but pretty tasty and actually easy overall

>> No.18024765

props on that pristine stovetop

>> No.18024768

Ima be a dick here and say those aren Spaghetti, those are Spaghettini.

>> No.18024781

>sauce mixed in with the pasta
nah you can keep that trash

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hes watching me

>> No.18024806

Unfortunately the only place where my dirty ass shadow wasn't in the photo lol

Lol you caught me it's angel hair

Saves me mixing the sauce into my pasta on my plate ya fkn douche

>> No.18024912

if you have leftovers though then youll have soggy noodles

>> No.18025528

Thanks fren, it was okay. I think I'd prefer to make a sticky date next time.
Looks good dude would eat/10

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should i eat these or get something else? i have oatmeal, eggs and some innovasian general tso chicken

>> No.18026075

Those + some salty eggs

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First time using the rotisserie/spitroast function of my new oven. Chicken gyros, tzatziki and pita recipe of Akis Petretzikis. Nice meal, although the chicken was a bit dry, next time I'll use a lower temp (as the recipe uses pan seared chicken I used some barbecue instruction for chicken thigh rotisserie from the internet)

>> No.18026459

Bread looks kinda chewy but thats a godod looking gyro

>> No.18026502

Fish finger sandwich with ketchup and a side of mushy peas.

>> No.18026508

not cum buns

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