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What does /ck/ think of him?

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I enjoy his particular brand of manic food autism. His wife is a grade A cunt though.

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Above all a comfy show; I'd wager nobody actually ever made that Tandoori oven out of clay pots. But he has some legit cool DIY shit on the show, more often than not backs his shit up and is willing to go back to an older episode and correct himself when/if he thinks of a better way to do something.

Also those stupid yeast puppets never cease to get a laugh out of me.

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Whats his power level compared to the likes of Chef John, Bruno Albouze, Marco Pierre etc?

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I made the smoker about ten years ago. I still use it regularly.

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I liked Good Eats. idk what he's been up to lately.

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daughter is hot

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Holy shit. I watched their youtube show for a while, but she was completely insane. She had little to no interest in what he actually did to provide money for her. She had never even seen any of his shows. He tried to get her to watch an episode and she mocked it for a bit, got bored, and wandered off. She was constantly trying to derail what he was saying with some kind of political statement. She made fun of him in more than just a friendly way. You could tell it bothered him. She'd also talk all the time how she was a groupie, and you could tell she'd fucked more than her share of band members.

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/k/ here. he's based.

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Good Eats: Excellent, an all around great show.
Iron Chef: Good commentator, not annoying.
Modern: No clue.
I know he was also a host/commentator for some other competition shows but his original series will always be the best to me.

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From what I've seen of him lately, I don't know if he is anymore.

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when I'm cooking something for the first time I'll usually use his recipe for it

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Does he have a new wife? His first wife was a producer of his show.

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yeah and she sucks. she just went on tour with him

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I forgot about that, she was learning the bass when I stopped watching.

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The new one is some kind of interior designer. Her single greatest achievement is apparently putting 20 globes on top of his cabinets.

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there's an article talking about their third home. there's a paragraph about why she didn't put a couch in that house

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I learned a lot of food from him and still use some of his tips, for example he got me into turkey brining

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She looks like she's going to take all of his money someday.

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I really don't mind if he has three homes, or a hundred. He's unpretentious about his success. She started a groupie, and she still is one in her 70's.

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I only said it because I remember the article also showed she was a cunt

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I saw one of his live "performances" in san jose, CA last year. I was hoping for a cooking show like situation but it was really just him telling stories about his life and aluding to really deep 'good eats' references that his superfans absolutely loved. ultimately pretty boring, didn't really find him funny, and was disappointed.

overall I like him the most on iron chef. really don't like cutthroat kitchen

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I went to one several years ago. It was entertaining, but I wouldn't go to another one. His schtick works best in a studio where he can have the time to agonize over the details to make every frame count.

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seconding the based.

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Very Christian but doesn’t make a big deal. Hugged me he signed his book.

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Good Eats is probably the best food show ever made. Even though a lot of his recipes tend to be a little fussy and complicated for me to want to try them, I learned how to cook steak from him and his stovetop mac and cheese recipe is great.

The new Iron Chef show on Netflix is pretty good; it's missing some of the charm of previous iterations, but I like the Iron Chefs and having Andrew Zimmern as a permanent judge was a good choice. I also liked that the chairman chooses the Iron Chef for the challenger, I wish Iron Chef America had done that so it wasn't fucking Bobby Flay 75% of the time

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Fucking American version of a TT-33. With some you can rack the next round by slinging it really hard. They're durable as shit, but I'm not a fan.

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>chairman chooses
That's how it originally started. Even after they supposedly started giving the challenger the choice, it was scripted based on whichever Iron Chef could be in town for the taping.

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Alton is a pretty much the perfect chef to watch for beginners to cooking. Very solid above average, B+ to A- chef.

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Huh, I always got the vibe that he wouldn't be super friendly in person

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Good Eats is a very informative and fun cooking show. Probably the best one to learn actual cooking from

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Peak reddit

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I liked his show. Heard he's a massive asshole irl. His live show came to my city. Cheapest seats were $85. Yeah, go get fucked, you pretentious POS.

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>I liked his show
which one? camp cutthroat
that was a great show

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Good Eats

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Autistic, crap pallette, great cook, even better baker, very knowledgeable/educational, likes BDSM.

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Later seasons of Good Eats prove the producers were right to limit his unfunny sketches and "humour"

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This. When he keeps the jokes short and sweet they're actually chuckle worthy most of the time.

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>Alton is a pretty much the perfect chef to watch for beginners to cooking.
This is true, but even my boomer dad who's been cooking since he was 12 loved Good Eats because every episode would have at least one little factoid he didn't know before.

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>Chef John
could easily 1v1 him irl
>Bruno Albouze
>Marco Pierre
That's not fair and you know it. Marco Pierre isn't even as powerful as Marco Pierre.

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The middle seasons are definitely the worst, you can tell he wanted to parlay it all into a sitcom or something but Food Network cut that shit right out.

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That's Heston

Brown is actually informative and helpful.

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Alton Brown is a Christian gun owner

Literally antireddit

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I would lay down my life to defend this man.

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>I'd wager nobody actually ever made that Tandoori oven out of clay pots
I thought about it but at not point since watching that episode have I lived in a place with the space for it to not be a fire hazard

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I can respect his brand of gun loving but RINO insanity

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>Even though a lot of his recipes tend to be a little fussy and complicated for me to want to try them
I learned to start ignoring parts of his recipe that are just his idiosyncracies if I felt the final product wasn't much affected. I love his waldrof salad recipe a lot compared to the traditional though, Mint really brings the flavors together well.

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The gag where he's making royal icing for christmas cookies and Santa goes "raw eggs? are you trying to KILL santa?" still makes me giggle

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exaggerated facial expressions don't magically turn you into a decent cook

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Sold out to LGBTQ and re-invented himself as "sardonic" Twitterati. Romantically linked to Bill Nye.

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I remember when he came out with a new show called Feasting on Asphalt and his serious persona made me very uncomfortable

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hyperactive was my favorite track followed by dissidents

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>I wish Iron Chef America had done that so it wasn't fucking Bobby Flay 75% of the time
You sound like a little bitch who's afraid of Bobbysama.

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Partisan retard detected. What's life like as a useful idiot? I'm genuinely curious, as I cannot comprehend operating entirely off of blind faith.
t. mostly Republican

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>Sold out to LGBTQ

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It would take a massive, gargantuan bitch to be afraid of Bobby Flay, because he himself is the biggest bitch in the industry.

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good eats is one of my favorite TV shows of all time. alton himself is alright. a little pretentious but i guess that's kind of his gimmick. he was less of an egghead when he was younger imo. still like him tho

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imagine being this brainwashed that you can't help but talk about politics everywhere you go, even on the cooking subforum of an anime website. rotted brain

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i wish american iron chef let the chairman choose to. morimoto was my favorite iron chef on the american one but you rarely ever got to see him because none of the challengers ever wanted smoke with him, for good reason

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he's entertaining as a personality and good eats is interesting to watch but i would never follow his recipes

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Well read, insufferable, pretentious, smug, no experience.
The ideal 4chan-core chef.

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>well read

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Upon inspection, I'd say so

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Original series was comfy and vaguely informative, really fell off when it ended though.

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Also a cunt.*

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>really fell off when it ended though
why did food network not make that second channel they had, into a comfy reruns of the good stuff. they could of played only reruns of emeril live and good eats and been crushing it.
do they even have that second channel anymore. I remember bitchin' kitchen was great. I don't remember much else from it
I don't even see whats on food network anymore, I know it'll suck

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aww what did AB do to you
did he tell you to put your ding dong away at a book signing?

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>being coy

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It was a joke

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Off topic banter has always been a part of board culture tourist.

You have to go back.

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>do they even have that second channel anymore

No, but all the good stuff is on Discovery+ which with a student discount I get for $3 a month

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you're a brainless zealout preaching to people that don't give a fuck faggot

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>he’s still raging

Please, tell us how much you don’t care

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cutthroat kitchen was funny sometimes

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What is he looking at?

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You realize that he isn't the one who sets the price, right? The company that he works with books the venue and bases ticket prices off of the price of the booking, the expense of putting the set together and buying materials, and the wages of all the staff, plus profit. Depending on your city, the venues can be absolutely retarded expensive which drive up the ticket prices.

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the daughtussy

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Can't blame him

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His idea of “good eats” is an 11 year old boy in swimming trunks.

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>literally only wearing a bra underneath a sheer top

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>Heard he's a massive asshole irl.
Heard the opposite. Heard he knows his shit so he comes off as an asshole only when you're an arrogant idiot.

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>click on this thread
>sudden alton brown reccs on youtube homepage
Go fuck yourself AI

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4 C H A N I S A M A R K E T I N G T O O L

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Food scientist are the worst

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I love the joke that when he uses lard the camera started running away

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The scare chords too

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he has a lot of food background but I don't think he makes artistic cuisine, just staple recipes, I'm sure he's seen enough that he can make a lot of good dishes off the dome however

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I think I should fund a porn where he bangs that Asian chick that's hosting the new iron chef with him for some reason. Seriously I feel like I should know who that Asian chick is.

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>bobby gets beat so much they make a show about beating him
honestly how did this mf get so much airtime, he had a shit personality

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Top Chef contestant, lost then won top Chef all Stars. Dyke.

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Hi power isn’t even American you dumb fuck. JMB never finished it and FN finished it in Belgium.