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Due to a deal gone bad I had with the Pepper Ridge Farmers back in march, I now have this coupon for $5.50 off any one single product from their entire lineup.
What should I go for?

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Their entire company.

>> No.18021607

anon the cap is five dollars and fifty cents US american money
This is maybe enough for a loaf of bread or some premium cookies

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If you read the text it states that these coupons stack. Just get more of them

>> No.18021750

How can I obtain enough for a hostile take over?

>> No.18021754

Consume more Pepper Ridge Farmerâ„¢ products

>> No.18021755

How did this deal go bad?
You need to gather other people's manufacturer's coupons until you have enough to buy the company.

Millions of Dollars worth of manufacturers coupons travel through a store each year.

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So we are agreed that we will unite to take the Pepper Ridge?

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Can zeros just be added to the value ?

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You wont do shit

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Mr. Diabetus we intend to take over your company with aggression. Pepper Ridge Farmers advocates and their subsidiaries are advised to stand down and pledge fealty during this hostile takeover. Failure to comply will result in personal loss of value.

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Remember when you hit that pedestrian with your car at the crosswalk?

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and then just drove away ...

>> No.18025003

Pepper Ridge farm remembers

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The only real suggestion in the whole thread

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Get one of them big goldfish crackers and let me know what you think. Pick any flavour.

>> No.18025796

is 5.50 really all your dead son is/was worth anon?

>> No.18025818

He is alive and only lost one eye
he sees well enough...

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