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>Drinks that won't make you fat OR rot your teeth
Unsweetened tea (aka hot water)
Unsweetened coffee (aka hot water)

Dentistberg is forcing me to quit my beloved Pepsi Max and these are my options.
It makes me want to cry.

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None of this is real or happened, frogposter

>> No.18021349

it did happen
it is real
Pepsi max is also high in caffeine and caffeine inhibits collagen production and accelerates the ageing process

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This is such a low quality post, I honestly hope the janitorial frog patrol 86s you, faggot.

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>be me
>stop drinking soda
>switch to black tea
>drink like 5 cups in a day
>go look in the mirror
>my front teeth are stained black

God dammit, it's the only kind I like too.

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Getting your fix through sweetened drinks isn't fucking worth it, anon. That shit has so much sugar. Suck it up and drink nothing but water and you can enjoy more food. Works for me.

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Why does study after studay say people who drink coffee and tea are healthier and live longer then?

>> No.18021493

I sweeten things with local raw honey.

>> No.18021501

Coffee and tea taste good, you pleb

>> No.18021522

just sweeten your coffee/tea, as long as you're not turning it into fucking syrup it's gonna be a fraction of the sugar

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Tea will wear down your enamel

>> No.18021626

Just swish water around your mouth after you drink and brush your teeth before bed. Fucking hell

>> No.18022965

why not drink with a straw

>> No.18023766

larp, dentists don't tell anyone not to drink soda. They just laugh all the way to the bank. They fucking love sodatards.

>> No.18023806

Man just imagine the sweet sweet satisfying taste of a big guzzle of cold fresh soda

Its inhuman

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I'm 6'0 162 lb and I drink beer every day

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Just use a straw and don’t let it linger.

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they only drink about a cup a day, if at all and without sugar or hfcs products

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>Sam Adams
It doesn't count if you have AIDS.

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Don't forget sparkling water anon. I like the burps my SodaStream has blessed me with. Some might think it's too homosexual, but if only gays can enjoy carbonated water then sign me up.

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