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The french call this ground apple or apple of the earth. What funny names for food do you have in your country?

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Time for the English to obliterate the French yet again. I mean, the bar is set pretty low.

Spotted dick
Button mushrooms

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cock-a-leekie soup

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Everything foreign is either Indian or Turkish to us.
Cactus fruit? Indian figs.
Tamarind? Indian dates.
Guinea pigs? Indian piglets.
Corn/maiz? Turkish wheat.
Turkey (the bird)?Turkish chicken.
Arrowroot? Indian reed.

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You'll never guess what "agurk" is without cheating.

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A gurke, so cucumber.

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Ok, guess this then. Something you have on a weekly basis: pikhoved

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Pomegranate is called Garantäpple (Grenade Apple) in swedish

hoves seems similar to huvud(head) IDK what pikmeans but Im guessing penis bc ig that would be funny

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Erdapfel (ground apple) is used in some parts of Germany too. Most Germans will call it Kartoffel which in itself sounds kind of funny.

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nutmeg is indian walnut here

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Persian walnut for us.

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You Low Germans never cease to amaze me

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In dutch we call this ground apple or apple of the earth

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Actually "grenade" comes from "pomegranate" because early grenades looked like pomegranates.

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i fuck the french in their rotten mouths

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Flarn is a soft green Minbari food, traditionally served in small cube portions to honor visiting guests.

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Never forget road apples, that's some good nourishment for yall.

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We call them papas which can also mean dad or pope

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lel thats irish for leaky shart.

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If you watch the movie Tom Brown's School Days, all the kids are crazy for a jacket potato shop. They call the potatoes Murphys.

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Its important to understand that "apple" was simply the word for any kind of fruit, so potatoes weren't compared with the apples we know today, but simply a non-descript name for a new kind of food.

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Do real apples not come from the ground? It thought that's how all the non-meat food worked.

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Apples come from a tree...

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Apple trees have wide root systems which absorb high amounts of microplastics from water and soil contamination.

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Have you actually tested an apple to know for sure, or are you just pulling this information out of your ass? Like most people on this board tend to do.

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No, that's a pretty common fact. Tree fruits and root vegetables are the most common dietary source of microplastics. People freaking out over plastic packaging and containers are the retarded reactionaries.
>inb4 "hurrr, citation needed...!"
It's more genuine when you put in the effort to learn for yourself, but I'm not lying.

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Thanks, I'll remember that and wrote it down. What other kind of shart is there except for a leaky one?

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What's the point of having a tree if potatoes can just cut out the middle man and pop out of the ground directly? Apples seem like a waste of time.

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Trees absorb most of the matter they use to grow from the air

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>road apples

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Golden apple in Italian. From the French pomme d'or, who brought yellow cherry tomatoes to southern Italy as an ornamental plant.

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This is why people should never trust these cult types... Amish Country Road Apples tourists dig it though.
They get all rustic and shit.

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These road apples look like they've run over by a tire or two

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In Australia we call cooked sausage on bread a "snag sanger" because we're retarded.

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I'm making fun of potat-ACK

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Remember the defeat of Franco Prussian War 1870 & May 1940?
Frenchtards btfo

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>Spanish curiously absent from this list
Hmm I wonder why haha

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i think the first time i saw this i laughed out loud for like 10 minutes, struggling to breathe.

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It's purple.

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Turkey (the bird) is called “dinde” in France. It means “From India” (D’Inde).

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Not that stupid if you consider the turkey came from "west india". I mean the caribbean islands are still called by that name.
Here in Germany we call the turkey Truthahn/Truthuhn because of the noises they make (troot troot) so they translate to troot chicken/rooster/hen.

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Walnuts and/or Chestnuts are called nigger toes by old people here, at least the non-black ones

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in Sweden it's called "kalkon", apparently picked up from the dutch whom got their version from the name of the city Calicut

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Same for german (Erdapfel) and Polish (Ziemniak/ jabłko ziemne).

Pic related are "fruits of th sea" (Meeresfrüchte).

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Same for the Dutch aardappel. Aard(e) = ground/earth, appel = apple

Same goes for Jerusalem artichoke (aardpeer), peer = pear

Also a carrot is called a wortel (lit. ''root'') or a peen, which is fun if you pronounce it in English. Black salsifies are called ''schorseneren'' which is apparently a loanword from Spanish 'scorza nera' (black bark)

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Fishes are no Meeresfrüchte though.

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head cheese, pressed pig or veal head
butter ham, a slice of bread
>Jan in de zak
John in the sack, bread with raisins boiled in a towel
ugly mug/maw puller, type of very sour candy
nun's arses, candy
fuckers, type of candy
wiggling butt, type of flan/candy
little arses, candy
>nonnebillen or ouwewijvenvlees
nun's buttocks or meat of old crones: a pink and white foamy candy
farmer's toes, meringue in chocolate
>negerzoen or negerinnetetten
negro's kiss or negro's tits, creamy egg white covered in chocolate.
Arab's head, an éclair but round
a type of pasta, meaning strangle-priests

Pictured: a type of candy called Jodenvet, Jew's fat.

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lmao wtf is this?

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May I please have a little candy nuns ass with a slice of bread?
> lutsepoepe nonnebillen n boterham!

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I know the secret to coming across as knowing German, just look mean and grunt.

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German too

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I read this entire ad in Chef John's voice like he's introducing a new recipe for each item.

>with... Ocean Bound Chicken Twins! That's right, today we're taking the birds back to the bay on pepper boats.

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>cucumber in norwegian is agurk
>cucumber in swedish is gurka

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its melon, comes from greek.

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>loanword from spanish

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No. Peponi is melon in Greek. Cucumber is anguri.

In most of Italy, cocomero, an obvious cognate of cucumber, means "watermelon" while cucumber itself is called "cetriolo." In my part of the country, which used to speak Greek regularly and still has strong Greek influence in our dialect of Italian, watermelon is "anguria," cognate with the Greek for cucumber and cucumber is "cocomero." We're a strange fucking country.

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Ancient greek
> from Byzantine Greek ἀγγούριον (angoúrion, “melon”)

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That's nice, dear.

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eastern German people in the Ore Mountains call them the same funnily enough.

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germans call cabbage "kraut" which means german in english
so basically germans eating germans LOL

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I'm gonna say it

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Noix du brésil?

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Close. Toes of a frenchmen.

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please tell me you are pretending to be this retarded

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Apple root systems aren't wide at all. Most of the shit they absorb is from the air like someone else said.

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I can't tell whether were talking about actual foods here or the ingredients but I use to think the name "patatas" was sort off funny when I was a kid. Now it justs sounds sort off cute, something you would call a girl with fluffy cheeks.

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Troot troot? Why do your turkeys have such a ridiculous accent compared to American turkeys

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Soo what's your obsession with nun ass?

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"Air" means "water" in Indonesian. Nickelodeon's Avatar is very confusing to Indonesian-Americans.
>the last water bender? but there's a water bender RIGHT FUCKING THERE!

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Welsh people eat morons. Pic related. It's a moron.

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In the USA we know we can play around with mach 8+ little things and not be seen.

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Same in polish. Pomidor

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welsh seems somewhat related to swedish then, this tickles my semi-functional autism
in swedish carrot is morot

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Maybe they can go after some brussels sprouts

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That's because Bona Sforza of Italy married Sigismund of Poland and brought cooks with her to Krakow. Ever wonder why you call vegetarian bouillon "Italian?" Now you know.

You should see the Welsh word for 'banana.' Banana in French, Italian, German, Swedish, Russian, Uyghur, Mongolian, Albanian, Greek, Turkish, Irish, Icelandic, Romany etc is always some cognate of 'banana.' But not in Welsh. Not in Welsh.

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Apples used to taste roughly like potatoes and weren't edible unless cooked prior to centuries of selective breeding. So maks sense.

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An old English name for tomatoes is 'love apples'

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This takes me back

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I felt really bad when I realized that Welsh Rarebit had no rabbit in it. I find that deceptive and there should be a warning on the label including may induce weird dreams and sleep walking.

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Crab apples come from baby crabs likely gotten from your mom.

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I'm feeling the fancy feast tonight, I'll take a dozen lizard fillets and two pounds of lintotype butter.

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Rocky Mountain Oysters.

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