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What are some examples of a whiskey that would have been considered “nice” in the 1960s? Something that would mark the owner as a bit of a connoisseur, something that would cost maybe a few hundred bucks per bottle in 2022 dollars.

I don’t really know anything about whiskey.

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Chivas Regal. Italians used to smuggle it across the Iron Curtain

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Is there a particular variety of Chivas Regal you think would fit my description here?

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The perfect example, that one used to have mythical status even though it's just supermarket whiskey (but supermarkets where a novelty back then).

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Honestly, the 12 year old is fine, but maybe step it up a notch to the 15, or 18.

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Oh sorry, get the 25 year old, that fits your description

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Thank you! /ck/ is so much more helpful than most of the boards on this site.

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