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>"Hi-Neighbor" edition.
Your go to cheap beer? Favorite craft? Pilsner vs Lager? All shall be answered here.

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I've tried it, I don't really understand the hype. I like Bitburger which is rather cheap even where I am.

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The thing I like about cheap beer is that I don't have to care who makes it. They are all pretty much equally weak when it comes to taste, so I just try to get the best value.

For day drinking, I like to sip on some light beers throughout the day. For getting a buzz after work, I go to the steely.

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Step aside plebs

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Sleep tight, steeler

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Bonsoir, friends

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I generall don't drink cheap beer unless I'm at a party. If I'm looking for cheap, I'll get liquor.
For beers it's usually a pilsner with food or a Belgian for getting buzzed.

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I was pleasantly surprised how potable Hamm's lager is.
I'ts not high ABV either--just right to maintain a good buzz without going overboard.
Doesn't hurt at all that a 30-pk. cost 15 bucks here.
Another good beer that was ridiculously cheap, was Hudepol's 24 bottles of Bock for less than $20
I haven't seen it for years though.

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Carlsbad chronic.

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Bitburger has affordable prices. Around me they're $1.50 less for the 4 cans than Pilsner Urquell. And it costs less than local craft pils somehow.

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gannies or pbr up here in new england.

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Got these fresh Budweisers on sale yesterday. Assuming 6 month shelf life, they're 16 days old. I can actually smell the hops. Smells like hay but at least it's something.
King of Beers, with honorable mention going to Hamm's.

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drank a dozen of this fellas while in Providence, it was my first time in the US and I thought it was a widespread beer but here someone told me is very local. would drink one casually but it's non existent in europe, nice everyday beer

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I went to New Orleans recently and found Abita brewing in every single restaurant or bar I went to. It reminded me that the same is true for Sweetwater 420 in Atlanta. Do any other cities have a local beer that dominates?

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fuuuuck i wish i could get the gansett in LA

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>There are too many of them! What are we going to do?

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St. Arnold's is fucking everywhere in Houston and has the added benefit of actually being pretty good
their pumpkin beer is the best out there I'd contend

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