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Do you ever eat on public transit? If so, what's your favorite food to eat there?

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I haven't been on public transit since I rode the school bus and yes I drank gatorade on the bus

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No i feel bad for not sharing

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>public transit

Not a government subsidized poor leach on society. Fuck off troll.

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Tuna salad

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i can fix her

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Doner kebab with extra garlic saue

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How come Americans are so fucking retarded?

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>How come Americans are so fucking retarded?

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Probably crab boil

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he says this while posting on 4chan.

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You can't disprove that statement.
Public transportation is a form of government welfare.

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Not me, I'm a Seeder.

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Pretty much only when I'm really drunk, though I did scarf a burrito on the way back from a weekend trip just last week. I have no favourite.

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if you eat on the tube you are a fucking monster in the same tier as murderers and nonces

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don't you EVER talk badly about our pissed slags again lad i will literally shank you

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kill yourself you incel weirdo

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Yeah right fuck off cunt go back to /sp/ and make yet another shitty emma radupoopoo thread before I pull a maguire on you

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As are the roads you drive on, cringe sovereign retard.

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the government curb stomps our education system on purpose

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i like to pop sunflower seeds

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>pick up 2 pizzas on the way to the subway
>take the tube to your friend's place
>some guy takes a photo of you
I don't get it, am I missing something?

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would vaporise your jaw with the gentlest of slaps m8 best to step away now so i don't have to upset your mum

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imagine the smell

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what a dumb cunt

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>Oh we fancy

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*stands in front of the carriage door window and rips open a steaming hot bag of maccie D's*

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>would never eat on public transit like a philistine
>regularly get wasted while riding the bus

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Still salvageable hasn't touched the floor

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Pret ham and cheese and mustard toastie with a couple of tins of whatever the best beer the train station M&S has got. Which, realistically speaking, will be pic related.
She is a girl and OP is horny and lonely.

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This one makes me sad because I imagine she can't get enough sleep because she works two jobs and in this picture she's riding the subway home from her second job. But she also has a son who gets home from school and waits for her to eat together. And she just wants to treat her son tonight because she's been away for so long so she decides to buy a pizza for them and they're gonna watch his favorite movie and everything. But then...

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Hey if you could stop narrating my childhood that would be appreciated

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i want to feel bad but i just can't, because her dumb normie existence led her down this. like how i pretend to empathize with the alcoholic i always pour a little more for and charge a little less.
except she's got handouts and can afford a subway. he lives next door and i share my employee discount with him.

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The thing I wonder with these is: These seem like very generic pizzas. You don't have anything on-par closer to you, in a city environment where you can take the train home? I'd expect a pizza being carried long-distance like this to be exceptional, but I doubt this is the case here.

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Crab legs

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How do people walk around with dirty shoes like that?

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top kek

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It didn't even touch the floor, it's still good

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Horrible. At least the smell of the food would somewhat compensate for those two.

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>i will literally shank you
You have a loicense for that shank?

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tfw no sleepy Fresh Pizza gf

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She’s texting “"You've tried the rest, now try the best"

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its banned here, i literally can't

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>eating a cheese sandwhich is somehow more offensive than lighting up a cig
chrsit i know the air is bad in asia but what the fuck

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Anon the fine for eating is less than that of smoking.

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Cute skinny ankles.

To answer your question; I usually don't but I did during the 'rona hysteria because I didn't have to wear a mask while eating or drinking.
I'd make a sub sangewedge at home and eat it as slowly as I could.

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ignore my drunk retardedness then sorry
thought it said $100

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xanax mommy on her way to fuck some indian kid she met on tindr. those pizzas aren't even worth it.

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Once I got shitfaced with my buddies and we bought a couple of Little Caesars.
We got on a bus and ate them there. We almost got kicked because we also had beer.

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Why would someone take this picture?

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lack of public transportation is oil company and car manufacturer welfare. good public transportation is a net gain to society