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How do I start over nutritionally? I want to just clear everything out of my system and start fresh

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not really something possible

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there is no such thing as 'clearing things out of your system'
you are being peddled discount diuretics and laxatives by cruel salespeople and willing fools.

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this. not a real thing detox drinks are scams

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Picoprep and 30L water

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shut up retard

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I'd start with a helium cleanse.

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well a gastroscopy

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Do a 14-30 day water day with electrolytes

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I've come to the conclusion you can't save the gullible from themselves. If they haven't figured out that people will lie to them in order to get money out of them by adulthood, they never will.. you should've just pitched him a secret goji berry again juice antioxidant super food colon blow cleanse recipe for $20.

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>>17978951 is the literal only answer
do a long snake juice fast and start over nutritionally after you break it

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Just do a water fast (with multivitamin) for a few days. Add honey and lemon to the water if needed. And I don't mean a little 8 oz glass of water. You need to be drinking at least a gallon a day.

If you absolutely NEED to eat something during that time, have a piece of whole wheat, multigrain bread. The 1st days sucks, but you feel amazing after that.

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What you've got to do is you've got to ease your bad habits out of your system.
>size, quantity
simple, reduce it
>sugars, alcohol, refined wheats/carbs
also simple, reduce them
>whole wheat grains/carbs
also simple, increase them
>ready mades, frozen food
also simple, get rid of them completely
Is difficult. Get quality olive oil. I recommend Salvagno. Get quality butter. I recommend Bordier or Kasteelhoeve. Or anyone near you who prefers slow and steady over market caps.
Fairly simple but difficult to accomplish: find a butcher who offers different races of beef, pork, poultry, aged differently. Poultry needs to be suffocated. Far more expensive than supermarket meat, but worth the effort.

Forget about the naysayers. It's never too late to switch to healthy food. Just as it's never too late to quit smoking.

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suffocated poultry ? what the fuck

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fast then eat whole foods (omnivorous).

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i liked this post until the choked chicken part

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>bumping after 1 minute
I think you have bigger problems than your diet
start by clearing out your head with a bullet

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Cole pls start doing live streams again

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>Poultry needs to be suffocated
wat the fuk

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after a heavy meal (like 8 pce fried chiken), I usually have something like a whole watermelon or cantaloupe the next meal

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food grade diatomaceous earth

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get an enema and have your ass eaten out

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colloidal silver

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fortunately, you were born with kidneys and a liver. They've been clearing shit out of your body your entire life.

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You can't, your gut biome is inherited as soon as you breastfeed, you can clear it by having a violent flu that makes you shit your guts out multiple times for days but that may be lethal. I got seoul virus and it took me 2 months to get my poops back to normal. You can however change your diet in a way that feeds x bacteria more than y bacteria, like cutting sugar or eating more meat.

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>He doesn’t prefer choked cock

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I can feel something in me from 1982

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First, a 24 hrs fast. Begin and end your day with a hot water with lemon.

Next, spend a week only eating fruits, vegetables, seeds, and legumes. Go organic where possible. Spend a few hours walking and getting sunlight.

For the 2nd week, fast with water, melons, grapes, artichoke. If you can, take off work and spend the week at home resting. Partake in a lymphatic massage, epsom salt bath, and deep exfoliation. Try to have a full body sweat a couple times, if a sauna or outside space is available--but stay hydrated. Be sure to take electrolytes as needed, 3g sodium, 3g potassium, 0.3g magnesium at the minimum. You probably have these at home or at the local store as table salt, baking soda, lite-salt, no-salt, epsom salt... magnesium comes in pills that are fine to supplement year-round.

For the third week, slowly add seeds and legumes and all fruits and vegetables back to your diet. Continue walking and sweating multiple times a week.

You may add back meats and egg towards the end of the 3rd week, or wait til the 4th. Try to avoid all processed foods to keep your progress, be sure to always stay hydrated as water is the main source of internal cleansing. Enjoy your new palate and gut!

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i suggest you learn how your body and nutrition works first so that you dont fall for shit like juice cleanses or this >>17981924

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>start fresh
this is the attitude of people who never do anything at all
just let everything go to shit then pretend to care and try and get their shit together, only to sink deeper in the same shit
literally just start eating better, that's all there is to it. don't fool yourself with that "for real this time! starting next monday" nonsense.

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I suggest learning how your body and nutrition works first so that you don't just dismiss cleanses that work like you just did

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This is why I never shower. If I notice a spot that gets itchy or smelly, I spot clean it. Hygiene is about slow incremental cleaning, not just letting your body get dirty then pretending to care and cleaning the whole body at once

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I also piss in jugs and clean them out bi-weekly.

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work to do what exactly? what are you aiming to cleanse with this meme diet? what is the purpose of doing this? don't say "toxins" because your organs already do that. i want specific names of substances you're looking to expel from your body by doing this

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Fucking retard.

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Isn't it too late to quit smoking if you develop COPD or cancer?

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Detox cures are worthless.
Toxins don't build up over month/years.

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Your liver and kidneys are already doing that for you, just quit eating trash and your body will take care of itself

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Is that when you got molested?

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>Bro, just eat all the toxins you want, organs will clean that shit right up
>bro don't ever take medicine or get surgery, your body knows what it's doing

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you can just smell the white bitch with dreadlocks from this

kindly kill yourself with your retarded "cleanses"
t. MD

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Fast. Alternatively, spend a week or two eating an extremely basic diet with as little fat as possible, ideally none. Potatoes or white rice are a good choice. A study of mice fed a diet heavy in polyunsaturated fats which were then put on a fat free diet were shown to completely eliminate all traces of the fats from their bodies within a month. If you've been eating a "normal" diet then polyunsaturated fats are the primary thing you should be aiming to "clear out". Bodily functions like this tend to have a pretty broad spectrum so it's safe to assume that the process of clearing out rancid fats will also clear out lots of other nasty stuff too. But there's really no substitute for fasting when it comes to upkeep. Digestion takes a lot of energy and with nothing to digest, your body will spend that energy on repair.

Ignore these retards
>break your fast with multigrain bread
>eat more wheat
>eat seeds and legumes
who are literally telling you to continue poisoning yourself.

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