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Why do Americans have the controls at the back of the stove, rather than at the front?

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it's so children don't turn on the stove or cause a gas leak

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>Child gets a stool
>Now caused a gas leak
Besides, real stoves have child lock features

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>real stoves have child lock features
Shit take. Struggle half a lifetime with child locks because you can't educate your kids

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If you teach your kids right, they'll know the stove is hot and stay tf away from the burners, they're not going to crawl over it.
>child lock
Now I'm intrigued, what inconvenient features do European stoves have

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>he thinks all american stoves are the same
why are you like this, clarkson?

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Its so our fat guts dont accidentally brush the controls while were cooking. I would know because I got a gas stove with front facing buttons recently and I keep burning my food like this.

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we have every type of stove that you could ever want
and my range has the stove controls on the front and oven controls on the back

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It's a special design optimised for cooking mac and cheese slop.

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Depends on the stove, dumbass. Maybe try visiting places that aren't your mom's kitchen.

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>what inconvenient features do European stoves have
fucking + and - buttons
>oh, so you want medium heat? start at 0 or 15 and go up or down until you get there
>oh, you want to shut off only one heat? too bad the off button will switch off all of them, you'll have to hold the - button during 15 seconds until 0 is reached
it only happens in cheap stoves, but fuck this shit, I won't get an expensive stove while renting

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Nice digits

>use buttons for up and down
>not a dial knob that's intuitive and fast

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If you struggle with child safety locks, then that's an indictment on your mental capacity or lack thereof

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Is it more or less effort to open a thing with a child lock on it? Exactly. Now fuck off and slap your kids like a normal parent does or let them learn by failing instead. Both are better.

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>Child Lock
just buy one of those stove-oven with push buttons that go inside the panel and then you push back for it to come out when you need it , easy

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are your children retards?

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It's for toddlers, anon.

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You have to push the dial in or it won't turn

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>European children defeat by... a button
No wonder America had to save Europe twice in a hundred years.

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I'm sure your three year olds are very clever, anon.

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>american losing their shit at build-in child safety feature that make it more convinient
same country that will eat cancer chemicals on products banned in the EU cause of it and then make threads :
>"europoor will never know the pleasure of eating this"

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Fuck off deep fried teflon chicken is soul food

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they cant see over their gut, and bump into front controls

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>Why do Americans have the controls at the back of the stove, rather than at the front?
not sure where you get your info (troll) but every stove I ever owned (or used) has the controls on the front.

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My stove has front turny windly bits like the Queen's stoves and I live in the US.

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In America we have the option for both. Try going to an appliance store and finding out for yourself.

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>electric stoves

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Having controls in the back, especially for a gas stove, is a safety feature that I shouldn't have to explain.

I bet it is pretty frustrating, though, being such a manlet that you can't reach the controls!

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Save a bruv, bin that stove

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I'm American and I'm not sure I've ever seen a stove with the burners at the back like this before, maybe once at a friend's apartment.
My stove at home has the burner dials in the front, and the oven controls in the back. Always made sense to me desu, having to reach your arm over what could turn into a sudden gout of flame sounds really unsafe from a design standpoint.

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This, idk if I've ever seen the burner knobs on the back. If I did it was some crazy roach motel shit I saw as a delivery driver.

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I wonder if maybe it's a more common design element on coil or induction stoves? The reaching-your-arm-over thing is probably less of a risk when you're not using a gas stove.

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Same. Never seen it before. European posts are weird

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I'm american and my controls are in front
>it takes a village
I hate br*eders so much it's unreal

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Can Americans reach the co tells without burning their fat stomachs or arm flab?

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It's not our fault you guys still keep doing things.