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rate my cart /ck/

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it belongs to the store not you

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I like the blue plastic

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1/10 because your a cat owner

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>Probably chinese steel alloy.
>No cupholder
Post a picture of the wheels

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>not using the electric scooter
Not very freedom loving of you OP

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Nobody's gonna comment on the 7up flavored cream cheese puffs?

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Just the normal goyslop. At least the cat is eating better than he is

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>tzatziki flavored crackers dipped in tzatziki dip
the madman

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>van leeran
Lookit this hipster faggot.

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>7up cream cheese cake bites
5/10 average. Also, cats suck. I added +1 bc i keep a box of those Tennessee pride biscuits stocked in the garage freezer for us to have every now and then. I'd try those triscuits with the pepperoni.

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they aren't 7 up flavor, it's baked with the soda. it makes for very moist and sweet cakes.
look up sprite cake recipes and try it out sometime
unless you faggots don't even bake

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you're a very moist and sweet cake

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why do you have two different kinds of pepperoni

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Where's the actual food bro

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>frozen taki bites
>shit quality pepperoni
>shit quality ramen
>most heinous of all: FRISKIES cat food
you must be very fat and very stupid, just like your poor cat
>7up cream cheese cake bites that expire 4/4/22
old picture so hopefully this is bait. although this shit-person exists somewhere

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That's like one day of food

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Buy real food and post bmi so I can laugh at you

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Almost entirely goyslop. Disappointing. Try rethinking things.

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post pictures of your cat

>> No.17957157

where’s the food

>> No.17957158

Well at least your cat is eating healthy

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Rate mine.

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who the fuck bags a watermelon?

>> No.17957239

are you too retarded to peel garlic that you need to buy ORGANICS PEELED GARLIC?
all that juice and soda and chips shows what a fatass you are too
that gatorade aint gonna help

>> No.17957267

1. I bag the watermelon to.protext from germs and damage
2. Read the soda box, it only has 140 calories
3. I have lots of healthy orange juice and veggies
4. You only have time to peel garlic since you don't have sex

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That'll be $100 plus tip.

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Stop it anon, you're making me blush.

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what the fuck's a germ, cunt?
have you ever seen one in real life, or did you really believe the bullshit computer generated images you were shown in school from government shill teachers?

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let's do this

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post cat

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Trolleys are covered in all types of body fluids from babies sitting in them.

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Very nice

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>Funko pop
Kill yourself.

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What's your favorite seed oil/episode of the office/funko pop in your collection?

>> No.17957323

>Seed oils bottom right

>> No.17957325

those are all american branded products
you can't fool me that you're some exotic european sugar daddy using words like 'trolley'
any rate why would you pick a CART that has fluids on it?

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Yes I'm Australian and I got this pic from Reddit.

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Post hand

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>yes im australian
t. mexican

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Juices aren't healthy
They have extra sugar

If you really want to eat healthy
Just eat the fuckin fruit
Are you still a kid who doesn't like to have fruits so your parents need to buy juice for you?

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Rate my cart guys, it's my cart, I took this photo.

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>reddit: the cart

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I work at IGA, we never wipe the carts, there's an ungodly amount of germs and viruses on those things.

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>be fruit juice producers
>oy vey this fruit juice sure is sweet, let's add more sugar to it to make it even better
ill never understand why we can't just have juiced fruits without the bullshit

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show me a virus, show me a germ, and show me them on a cart
yeah ill fuckin wait right here

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get a microscope, they wiggle around its pretty wacky

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Oh it's dog food. I was so confused by a 35 pound bag of gravy

>> No.17957383

Take some sample grease from cart
Make solution by mixing with water
Take droplets into a petri dish
Observe it under microscope

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>b-but you just need a microscope!
dirty lens and parasitic water is the only thing you'll 'observe'
the government teachers told you they were germs
now you think you have the whole scientific method figured out, which was also shilled to you by the government standard of academic curriculum
i bet you retards thought university and education were worthwhile as well

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They are in my lonely life
Can cope over shit with exams

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tube and spoon fed coping activities that inflate your ego into thinking you actually learned a thing or two about life
well let me tell ya
its all a bullshit scam the government designed to keep you distracted from the fact that GOD didn't make it so you had to read a book to figure life out, all so the jews can keep selling your soul for mcdonalds on doordash every night to profiteer off your sheer ignorance to reality
wake up chud, can you smell what GOD is cooking?

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It's happier to lead an ignorant life
Than to become aware of the reality

No wonder normies are happier than us

>> No.17957423

Fake schitzo posting is pretty cringe imo. Really lacks the charm of a true and honest schitzo poster who will happily in a fit of mania explain their method of remocing iron from the brain vy snorting research chemicals. Instead we get boring germ or flatearth fakefags shitting up oh... This was a shit thread anyway

>> No.17957435

who told you that lie?
anyone selling you the mirage of happier life through ignorance is puppet-stringed by big nose fucks who laugh at their ability to convince other humans opposites of what GOD laid down with the blood of Christ
normies are slaves and their happiness is fabricated by the threads of deceit
if you really know GOD and JESUS then you wouldn't need to suffer in the pig pens
unforuntately, normies are the majority, which is why it's had for the world's eyes to open up to the fact that reality already was good to begin with

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shut the fuck up when you can't even spell schizo properly
you have no idea what you're on about, just looking for things to get angry at because someone mentioned GOD
fuck you kike

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man this shopping cart thread went off the rails

>> No.17957449

dead at 27/30

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>woah, man, discussions have tangencies that really go, like, far out, man
wake up CHUD
life was never about what you put in your shopping cart

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Anon, pls don't buy friskies, it's absolute trash. I don't ask you to go full holistic, but at least try a bit to save your pet from stomach ulcers and cancer

>> No.17957459

shameful goyslop
acceptable at best

>> No.17957460

don't call me chud, chud

>> No.17957465

OP isn't enough to join the 27 club.

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>chudposter projects their bleak reality yet again
don't even bother pic related

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*Based enough

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It says right on the package "real 7UP flavor" you mongoliod

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sure, we can all read the package
but only those with real EXPERIENCE know what it means
children live in a different reality compared to adults
what you think you know when you see, doesn't actually translate over to what reality presents
you act as if you've eaten them before, smug and hoity toity as you come

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don't eat cat food, anon

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i bet you believe that the earth is flat,you're braindead

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i bet you have 0 opinions that reddit wouldn't support

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Based sausage biscuits.

>> No.17958054

You must be a thirsty motherfucker.

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>> No.17958073

Perhaps the real contents of our shopping carts were the friends we made along the way.

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you must have made some good friends then anon. lucky for you, but some don't get any friends in their shopping carts and have to resort to funposting on the internet for socialization

>> No.17958900

>funko pops
I was wondering why you bought so much food, and it's obvious that you have to have enough food for you and your wife's boyfriend. Hopefully he doesn't leave the milk out.

>> No.17959065


Typically pit bowl owner

>> No.17959069

You too belong to the store, wagie.
Now clean up my mess

>> No.17959071

kids wont drink it., simple as

>> No.17959090

>Bottled orange juice
>Bottled water
>Two huge boxes of canned soda
>Carton Juice
>Gatorade pallet
>Two huge boxes of chips

Buy some fresh oranges and eat those and drink water from the tap, stop eating chips God damn I hate you.

>> No.17959097

ameripoor cringe/10
please stop making threads

>> No.17959111

Why the fuck do so many people buy bottled water? What do you people actually DO with it? Do you not have a faucet? Do you not have cups at home?

>> No.17959125

This may shock you but some people leave the house occasionally

>> No.17959129

Do you not have your own water bottle that you can fill for next to nothing from your tap? You instead need to spend $20 every week buying plastic shit because you "leave the house occasionally?" Retards like you should be rounded up and executed, you're everything wrong with this country

>> No.17959130

Excuses I have heard are "I come from a country that had undrinkable faucet water and the habit of not trusting faucet water keeps me buying bottled" or "I don't like the taste of faucet water"?

>> No.17959131

>he doesn't have a home bacteriology lab
>he doesn't have a stockpile of tularemia baccilli to release on government offices in his country.
Literally ngmi.

>> No.17959133

Buy a reusable bottle then asshat

>> No.17959183

I kneel

>> No.17959223

Have you thought about a warehouse club membership? You’d probably save some money if this is a typical cart for you, if you want to check out Costco’s prices try the “Same Day Delivery” site for your nearest Costco (when it asks for address use the address of the Costco) and divide any food item price listed by 1.17 to get the in store price (the delivery prices in the site are all higher than in store).

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>> No.17959586

How old are you cringey fucking faggot? 17? Post body your ugly fat piece of shit. I guarantee you live with your parents and still eat goyslop. You are shit and schizo posting because you are not schizophrenic, you ugly fucking hobgoblin.

>hurrrr fuck off kike I’m enlightened
You are and underaged FAGGOT trying to fit in and you’re very bad at it, go back to tiktok you gay little fucker. Please post side profile, I know you have no bitches and a very lacking jaw. Let me see it you little pussy.

>> No.17959602

bold of you to assume he has a cat. clearly this faggot is eating the cat food. look at the other garbage in the cart.

>> No.17959851

Buying water, soda, and chips is a waste of money imo.

>> No.17959872

>7 up cake bites
50% of your cart is pure sugar water
Fucking Americans holy shit
>buys pre cut veggies

Every single cart 2/10
I'm giving 2 points bc there were a couple healthy choices and a few non processed foods in each cart.

>> No.17959884

Think like a south east Asian
Go to wet market
Buy fish
Buy meat
A ton of vegetables
Stockpile rice in house
Buy spices in polyethin bags

>> No.17960395

Post body

>> No.17960494

not bad

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Wow, 10/10 you got all my favorite items!

>> No.17961472

your cat literally eats more protein in a day than you, fat fuck

>> No.17961660

I just tried Takis. They’re damn good.

>> No.17962312

The cat eats better than you.

>> No.17962434

You type in lowercase.

>> No.17963959

Shit like that makes cat poop stink really bad because they can't digest the corn and whatever other filler is in there

>> No.17964436


>> No.17964441

if u dont already have veggies at ur house, why r u on this board

>> No.17964889

processed aids / 10

>> No.17964891

>literally just sugar and one package of meat
absolute fatass

>> No.17965687

lotta processed shit in that cart anon

>> No.17965710

Cry about it nigger

>> No.17965846

OP is a homosexual cat owner.

>> No.17967288

>sugar water

>> No.17967300

Retarded teenager with his mum's wallet/10

>> No.17967311

Primo garbage. Even the cat food is garbage.

>> No.17967443

No that's a shopping trolley

>> No.17967447

most juice i see at the store is 100% juice with no added sugar though. generally the only juice where they add sugar is with shitty mixed flavors or with watermelon juice or something else

>> No.17968407

People who hate cats are niggers and require an early grave.

>> No.17968410

Don't also forget to also cook a fresh meal for your beloved cat, friend. I hope you have a good weekend.

>> No.17968412

Post your kitties shitbox.

>> No.17970289

You eat about as well as your dog

>> No.17970325

Undersized, ugly. 3/10.

>> No.17971801

Put the cat food back, you'll drop dead soon enough cat will have a sweet treat to snack on.

>> No.17971813

Your home smells like cat piss
>no it doesn't!
It does.

>> No.17971823

You are paying some corporation to make you a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?

>> No.17972620

Would squirt or dr.pepper work?

>> No.17972628

80% goyslop and you own cats
Visit /fit/ before it's too late

>> No.17972658

>rate my cart /ck/

>> No.17972726


>> No.17972755

Why is the cart so small? Are you a child?

>> No.17974427

Unless that bread is natural or organic then literally everything is.

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