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who's the target audience for this

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Mainland Chinese urbanites who need to post their entire lives doing gross things on social media.

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a smaller portion would be great will stoned.

probably not the best balance for me personally I would probably add some chili powder to the SPAM to make the oreo uniqueness standout less.

also the layering is dumb. if you are serving 2 slices of SPAM then why not sammich the oreo bits between them?

why not just fry the SPAM in an oreo batter?

why not add oreo powder to the mayo and spread it on the bread so that is isnt falling out as you eat it?

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>a smaller portion would be great will stoned.
Marijuana is illegal in China.

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Specific Islanders? They love spam I've heard.

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>who's the target audience
Men with testicles and testosterone. Little zoomer trannies need not apply.

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Americans. They've devolved into what is basically a pig/human hybrid and all they can do now is mindlessly shove slop into their mouths.

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Japanese Hawaiians

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Islanders from all islands ever including Japan and Australia. They all love eating garbage like this.

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It was available exclusively in mainland China, you dolts.

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yeah for the Ameripig tourists

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Pinoy, I would assume. Seems like something I'd see at a Flip cookout, no joke.

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Wow, I didn't realise Americans were so prevalent over there that the Chinese sacrifice all their pride to cater limited time offers to their tastes. Truly, things haven't changed since the age of the Qing. What a servile kowtowing nation.
>Note: product was advertised exclusively in Mandarin.

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well now you know

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I only think about China like once a month, if even.

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This is some Weimar Germany kind of shit. Societal collapse soon.

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Holy shit we give them the opportunity to not eat bats or monkey penis and this is what they do with it.
Truly a cursed hivemind

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The target audience? Retards who start shit threads on /ck/

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i like oreos but i hate anything made with oreos

i feel like i'm the only one

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you're not unique or special anon. every thought or emotion you've ever had, has already been had by someone else.
once you realize this you'll stop saying dumb shit on 4channel

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that's why i said i *feel* like i'm the only one
now go take a bath or a walk or something, you seem upset

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who asked

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People that ignore sodium intake because they think it’s not “manly” to watch what you eat. Basically self conscious people and fat fucks

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no one
it just radiates from you

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Or just drink water

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>Chinese sacrifice all their pride to cater limited time offers to their tastes.
thats their business MO

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>Specific Islanders

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i don't like spam.

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The criminally insane.

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korean/filipino/hawaiian bugmen that soyface over canned dogmeat that their American GI superiors left for them

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Fat Americans.

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What about just a little spam?

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I'd try this. A lot of asian food is built around the complimenting of salty/savory and sweet flavors. It seems like an extreme and gimmicky version of that but why not.

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Or Jews that don’t want to admit how fat they’re going to get.

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But it's exclusive to the Chinese market.

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Most people don't have issue with sodium. It's increasingly obvious that, except in really extreme cases or folks with genetic conditions, sodium isn't that big a deal.

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We have to fatten their Jewish cattle before they eat them.

Cultured meat is taking too long to get to shelves. It’s not moral to keep eating innocent animals.