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Now that the dust has settled, is /ck/ a fan or nah?

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It's fucking great, I love making it at home all the time. Tastelets can continue seething

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For me it’s a four way with onions and hot sauce

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I accidentally used garam masala instead of cumin in my last pot of chili. I imagine that's similar in flavor to skyline. It was okay but the cinnamon felt out of place. I won't do it deliberately in the future, but if I accidentally do it again I will eat it.

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What's the history on this chili, is it Greek? And BTW, I love it. Had a 5 way and some coneys last time I was in cincy. Hot sauce is mandatory to bring it all together too.

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Actual tri-stater here, born and raised. I add crackers to the slop. They are not an appetizer, they're an addition to the main course and always should be.

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I moved away about 8 years ago, but I grew up in NKY. Gold Star is trash too, btw. Skyline is the only way to go.

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yeah, it's Greek

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very good imo

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Honestly, I don't like any of the chains. If you do, that's great, but they've always seemed lacking to me. Gold Star coneys give me a tummy ache.

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There's a good non-chain place in Blue Ash, was really good but pretty pricey from what I remember. Skyline was pretty close and dirt cheap. Tho this was several years back.

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It's good chili, but they can't claim the crown when the south makes much better shit.

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texas chili > cincy chili >>>> chili

dunno what southern chili you're referring to

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Blue Ash Chili? I did eat there once and it was actually good, but the staff all seemed to be in bad moods. It happens. I think that's where I had a chili burrito.

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Dixie Chili Supremacy

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never had it. never been to sin sin natty
there's no chain that makes it is there?

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Skyline is a chain, and they sell it frozen and canned too. dunno how close to cincy you gotta live for your grocery store to have it tho

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I was working a contract in Saudi Arabia, and the DFAC had Cincinnati Chili every Tuesday, prepared by Indians. In the four years I was on contract, I never once ate it, because no single person could tell me what the hell Cincinnati Chili was, and I am not one to just go around eating shit from Ohio.

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Jokes on you buddy, it's delicious.

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I grew up there too and we ate the crackers with a dab of Franks Red Hot as an appetizer.
I've only seen people add crackers when it's in spaghetti form, but my friends always get the coneys.

When I make it at home I like to mix refried beans into the meat sauce because it's too runny and makes buns soggy too quickly and the beans make the sauce much more dense.
I really like beans though, so it's probably not for everyone. I just use a little less beans than meat sauce. Add a pinch of all spice, chili powder, and cumin if you want, but the flavor of the meat sauce is usually strong enough that you don't need it.
And don't forget the Franks of course.

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There are some Skyline Chili locations in Florida.

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Visiting Cincannati for the next couple weeks for work, where should I go?

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I don't put it on hot dogs but I do like it on 'sphetti

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that's what oyster crackers are supposed to be for, thickening soupy stuff.

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if you're near one of these they've got some good ass wings

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Fucking disgusting. Everything there comes from a plastic bag and is reheated right? Cause it sure as shit tastes like it.

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The stuff that comes "fresh" from their restaurants is already absolutely disgusting. I can't imagine how horrible the canned and frozen shit tastes.

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Flyovers gonna flyover.
Just the way it is, even Olive Garden intimidates them.
>Jeffro, we ain’t gud enough for this fancy European stuff

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>southern accent
You're fully fucking retarded, huh?

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Are you implying people are intentionally trying to go to Ohio?

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oh, you're FULLY fuckong retarded then. Nice.

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Get a load of this seething hick.

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When done properly its mind-blowing.

Unfortunately most people will experience it via Skyline which took a massive dive in quality over the last couple of decades. My mom made it more or less from scratch and it was a big deal any time we had it growing up

It's like handing somebody a bag of taco bell and asking what they think of Mexican cuisine.

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>I am not one to just go around eating shit from Ohio
Fair enough.

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i love cincinnati chili so much. so so much.

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Here let me blow your mind: Did you know chili doesn't only have to come from cans? And that often it tastes better than what you can get in Cincinatti?

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did you know you can make cincinnati chili without the can? fucking incredible shit out here in this world of ours every day's a blessing

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dayum that looks good. Would eat any time

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Kings Island if you like roller coasters.

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Skyline > Goldstar

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>When I make it at home I like to mix refried beans into the meat sauce

There's an idea that I'd never considered. Refried sounds weird though.

Jungle Jim's. It's the greatest grocery/whatever store you will ever visit. They have anything you can imagine and it's like a theme park. It's usually not packed either, especially in the mornings. Look up pictures.

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Nice breweries there if you’re into that sort of thing. Taft’s and Rhinegeist are pretty cool, Taft’s has good food as well. There’s a huge liqour store right across the river called Party Source if you like booze. Also Eden Park is really nice this time of year.

In terms of restaraunts there’s decent variety depending on what you’re into

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Dixie mogs both of the other chains, imo. Go to the original Newport location, order a 5-way and two coneys, and eat it all to the Titanic soundtrack on the jukebox.

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The Cincinnati Zoo is one of the best in the country (RIP Harambe), and if you're on /ck, you should go to Findlay Market for local vendors like Maverick Chocolate. And just walking along the river can be really nice, pretty much from the Reds stadium to the Bengals stadium; the city put in a bunch of nice parks about a decade ago.

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Dixie is the best, it’s true

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Who doesn't like chilli cheese dogs?

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Cheese doesnt add anything to chili, flavor-wise, and you cant stop me.

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Hey chief, we do things differently here in ohio

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Stop calling me chief

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Cincy is rightful kentucky clay

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there was this comic from Cincy who worked around Chicago and he made me laugh very much by saying, to paraphrase
"Oh you say you're from Chicago and everyone asks you, oh, I bet you eat deep dish all the time?? And you tell them like, nah, not really, that's kinda just something that tourists order when they're in from out of town. But you say you're from Cincinatti, everyone asks Oh you really eat all that chili, on the hot dogs, and on the spaghetti? And like... Honestly, yeah. That's just 'Lunch'."

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I am from georgia having a vacation in michigan, and on sunday I will be stopping in Ohio just for some Skyline Chili.

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>Cincinnati chili
>Place only in Kentucky

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so long as we can keep mooching off your liquor and cigarette prices we'll be whatever you want

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I didn't even know it was possible but that is too much cheese.

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>chili burrito
Go on...

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Yeah I agree. I always order one with cheese and one or two without, then split the cheese between them.

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I've lived in the Cincinnati area my whole life and I think I like Dixie Chili the best of the chains. With that said, a packet of this along with tomato paste and some ground beef is also really good to make at home.

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>texas chili > cincy chili

Neither of which is a chili, they're just meat sauces. Actual chili is a BEAN stew with tomatoes and chili peppers with the meat in fact being optional but the BEANS are mandatory.

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Seethe more mexifag chili is a white man's dish and we make the rules now

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Chili was never a Mexican dish you dumb mutt.

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youre all wrong. chili started as a mexi dish that was only meat, tomatoes, and chile paste its written about by the conquistadors. it was popularized in San Antonio by mexican immigrants in the early 1900s and then made it way across the states. So chili is an ancient mexican dish, it was popularized by texans, and made its way across the states. but the biggest takeaway you should get from this is that at NO POINT in chilis centuries long history were BEANS put in the fucking chili. THAT WAS INTRODUCED BY FUCKING FLYOVERS

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Bought a can of Skyline Chili at the store. It was 2weird4me. But I'm reserving judgment until I visit Cincinnati and try it fresh.

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Montgomery Inn is an ABSOLUTE MUST. Get the ribs and onion straws. If you get anything out of this thread, anything at all, go to Montgomery Inn (preferably the one in montgomery and not the boathouse). Then go to Jungle Jims just to browse and get some crazy foreign snacks because that's always a blast, expect to spend a couple of hours there. Other than that just use google. For entertainment try the zoo, it's pretty nice.

If you want cinci chili sloppa then go to Dixie Chili.

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it's much better at non-chains and if you can make it yourself it's just that much superior.

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yes fan because when i would go to visit my grandma and grandpa in ohio we would go eat at skylines a few times a week as a young child

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Opposite end of the state for me. I think its gay

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Like most things about cincy, the best version is actually found in NKY

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so it contains these ingredients?
Chili Powder
Worcestershire sauce
unsweetened dark chocolate

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It’s not chili. It’s a meat sauce for spaghetti that some Macedonian immigrants said was “chili” so the burgers would find it palatable

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I guess I'll order some cans now that I'm curious
that will have to do for now since I'm not in Ohio or KY, IN, FL