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For me, it was chicken patty day.

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post-Obama zoomer detected

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We didn't have sweer potato fries back then.

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french toast sticks with sausage links> any other school lunch

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Breadtangle of pizza was always special. I wish I could buy those weird frozen pizzas.

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For me it was chicken crispito day

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We never had school lunch programs up in Canada, but most schools had cafeterias you could buy food at (and also work in for extra credit and free food). For me, it was the perogies and sour cream.

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for me, it was the knock off McRibs

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wow murica school lunch is very soulless

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Every Thursday it was Chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, roll, ice cream

No one brought their lunch that day

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Oh man, my elementary school did chili-and-cinnamon roll days. I don't know how or why, but it worked and we were always psyched about it

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my last year of school was the year obogo got elected and his monkey decided it had to change school lunch
we went from having a huge amount of great choices from pizza and fries to subway style sandwiches to op pic related style lunches in 1 year so glad I graduated

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I remember when our school did away with french fries (which were always purchased a la carte anyway). It was fucking whack

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do those brown pears actually exist in this timeline?
I love pears and eat them all the time but they're always green

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based obogo. subway type is at least healthy and somewhat filling.

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fucking hell do americans really eat like this? no wonder you shoot up your schools

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>posting on /ck/ from prison

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this shit was the bomb holy FUCK. I remember getting these fuckers everyday. the syrup and french toast sticks were sublime

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america is such a depressing country, how do you even eat that garbage

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when I was in elementary school in the 90s we were blessed to still have those mexican meat pie things

they were the GOAT day of the menu

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Did anyone else run to the cafeteria or was it just me?

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He took office in '09, why are you using post-Obama as an insult? How fucking old are you? Get off 4chan

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Americommies will never know the taste of a mom-packed sandwich lunch

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>Costs more than twice what a McChicken and fries does

This is the problem with school lunch

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For me, it was the pita pizza.

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Nigga school lunch was 2.50$. what fucking hellhole do you live in

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Retard, most people know about how amazing the pre-obamian intervention school lunches were.

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for me, it was mozz sticks or french bread pizza day.

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Except you’re also subsidizing the lunches of the teeming swarthy hordes around you

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Step aside

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Anybody else's school not get obamanized? I graduated in 2019 and my brother graduated in 2011. We had all the tasty junk food (hell I think it got even greasier as the years went on lol) can't recall any cringy "health foods" that Michelle wanted. In my last year, we did get a "healthy" vending machine but it just had sodas and teas that were high in sugar but organic, pretty fucking tasty to be honest. This was in Illinois too.

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boomer with the opposite problem. it was always obamaified. op just looks like some lunch from 2001 to me. just the schools in my surrounding areas had such wildly different quality and rules that pinning it all down into one homogenous remark is bullshit anyway. now i live in a richfag part of montana where everyone still goes to a public school because there's no undesirables to run away from or that would teach there and kids definitely aren't eating that horseshit in op

obama goons definitely made it worse but by the same token I know a substantial amount of this is millennials with nostalgia blocks in their head, or conflating it with the fact their school was 80+% white and acceptable minorities when they went, and now it's feeding hondurans, somalians, nepaplese, and transplanted inner city blacks so their has to be some awful lowest common denominator to appeal to all the "diversity" eating in the cafeteria

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With grill marks made by a sharpie.

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LAUSD started getting like real lunch food I think in like 2008 or so. Those green chile chicken enchiladas were actually amazing for school lunch.

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I don't have pictures, but goddamn did my public school in Las Vegas, Nevada have great fucking good for a kid. In elementary school they had this french bread pizza that came wrapped with like red, yellow, and blue dots on it. And also, in fucking middle school they served legitimate papa john's cheese pizza. I ate papa john's every fucking day in middle school, like a goddamned champion.

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Nah they actually go through a red hot roller thing that burns the lines on in a second. You can find videos online, it's pretty interesting.

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Michelle Obama is a fucking disgusting ugly ape.

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Wednesday was always mcdouble day at my school. Lunch was a mcdouble cheeseburger and fries. Kids were hype

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The rectangular pizza was (usually) decent enough.
The chicken sandwich was OK but sometimes the bun was soggy.

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You really don't think some of the most accomplished esters on the planet don't know what a sandwich is?

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Breakfast for Lunch™ baby! I think it was the french toast sticks, sausages, and a hash brown. don't think there was any fruit or vedge at all

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What is that french toast made with? It looks different from others.

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>my feels when this happened when I was a freshman and had 4 years of Obama lunches
I remember the pizzas going from not bad to garbage with fake cheese. They even stopped salting the fries… it’s not fair bros…

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1st year of middle school, we had a great brand for this. The patty was crispy and everything. Then the school changed brands in 7th grade to a shittier patty that was ALWAYS soggy

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i dont get why school lunch costs like 5 fuckaroos and yet they hire the most retarded old hags to reheat shit in the microwave

like holy shit get some mexicans in there with some sysco and let them work their magic

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Boomer that graduated in 2008 here. For me, it was chicken nugget Thursdays
>chicken nuggets'
>instant potatoes
>canned corn
>packet gravy

I mixed it all together into kinda like a famous bowl from KFC.

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This was so good with mayo.

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I preferred fiesta salad day, but I can't find a picture of it online.

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>Eating school lunch
>Eating school lunch as a teenager when you should have a license and a car and pocket money by then
Mommy packed me a lunch until I got my first car, then I just went to Taco Bell or whatever during lunch.

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>only media of the school lunch spicy chicken sandwich is a 40 second youtube video

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>Boomer that graduated in 2008 here
how do you remember that far back

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Fellow '08 boomer here. I remember the mashed tater days with processed turkey slabs and choice of brown gravy or "turkey" gravy.

I also remember the food always being the exact same as most of the stuff the zoomers are posting in the thread claiming it's "Obama'd." Shit you dumb kids need to do some research cause the slop most of you are posting literally hasn't changed for a large swath of the country since way before he was in office. I remember eating the same shit from middle school all the way to senior year. I even remember the days we had milk in little pouches you had to stab with a straw to drink out of.

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>I mixed it all together into kinda like a famous bowl from KFC
Extra points if you finished it with an Emerald "BAM!" joke to get some laughs out of your friends.

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Unironically, breakfast for me. Scrambled "eggs," sausage patty, biscuit, and gravy. I ate that shit 4 years straight.

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Mini corn-dog day or fuck ya mudda

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Loved crispitos so much

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I also would shoot up a school if they served me THIS for lunch

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French bread pizza day was the best.

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I'm an American that grew up in a average public school and I agree with you the school lunches were absolute SLOPPA.
That's why a lot kids would bring lunch from home, not uncommon at all was probably around a 50/50 divide of kids who brought from home vs bought.

The retards reminiscing about school lunches today are still eating goyslop and Sneed oils while working at the local factory.

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for me, it was the frito pie.
2. ham and cheese breakfast sandwiches
3. lasagne
4. teriyaki chicken
5. spaghetti
6. burgers
7. corn dogs
8. pb&j’s
9. chicken nuggets

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inb4 bosco sticks those things were fucking gross

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mozzarella sticks day. you only got 2 of them a month, max.

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My highschool had multiple lines with a few different choices. I always went to and got the same thing: chicken rings, mashed taters and white gravy, yeast roll, chocolate milk, occasionally a cookie cone when I had a couple bucks. The janitor was a friend of the family so he'd snag me a couple extra milks.

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cp on a b with some r, and a dcvdp (chicken patty on a bun with ranch a diet cherry vanilla dr pepper)

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Only poors ate school food. My mom either made me a packed sandwich lunch, or when I got older, she gave me leftovers from the previous night's dinner I could heat up in a microwave in the cafeteria.

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good school lunch days: chicken nugs, chicken patty, chicken pot pie, french bread pizza, tacos, bosco sticks, dominos za, burrito
ok lunch: grilled cheese n soup, corn dog
horrible lunches: french toast sticks, burgers
they made me hate tater tots for awhile too. i never knew they could be crispy and good

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>clover milk
bay area shitbag spotted

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This plus the honey mustard pump.
>they started charging the kids for sauce after we left.

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they fucking sucked, all soggy yet somehow still crunchy. We used to joke around and say they were carrot fries

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There's a truck stop about 40 miles west of St. Louis (on I-70) that sells it.

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We had a school lunch program, they Cafe fed the entire school at lunch in elementary school in 2005ish

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Kek based obogo and his monkey making lardies seethe

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For me it was the chicken rings day with mashed potatoes

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Coffee cake, calzone

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For me, it PB+J 90% of the time. That might even be a conservative estimate.

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based. this was my favorite meal too. sometimes we got nuggers, sometimes we got chicken patties. nothing like using ur nugs and roll as a spoon for your mash.

honorable mention to pic related though. chili crispitos slapped

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I actually liked the bean and cheese burritos. Usually brought my own lunch though.

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You're ALL wrong.

NOTHING compares to Hot Dog day. It was literally a fucking race to get there First. One time as a stupid kid i ate TEN fucking hot dogs. I wasn't even fat - in fact, i was a picky eater, but i loved hot dogs

They literally had to make the tomato sauce hotter so kids would eat less

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Is this prison food?
Fucking revolting food + insulting presentation.

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I remember the day in 3rd grade when someone looked under the bun and revealed all those nasty fat bubbles that looked like suckers. could never touch a schoolburger™ ever again

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Other people made me nervous so I'd just duck into the library on the way to lunch and nap on one of the sofas.

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Americans are such repugnant creatures.

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I remember the french fries I had in middle school were god-tier, then by the time I got to high school they were trash. I started HS in 2009, so I am not sure if Michelle contributed to the downturn. They also started serving us pizza on this horrible, dry and crumbly multi-grain crust that was still slathered in a fuckton of cheese and greasy toppings because boomer government officials and dogshit food service contractors like Sodexo either don't actually give a shit or have the nutritional education of a monkey. God, I wish I had the adult brain I do now when I was a kid. I would have let so much less shit fly.

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anon as someone who started high school in the 90s the fries were already trash at that point and nothing compared to the 80s shit.

now I'm sure the fries continued to get even worse but don't lie to use and say they were god-tier in the mid-2000s.

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i just went for the shit that was obviously frozen food from a grocery store like Jose Ole chili cheese burritos and this one brand of spicy popcorn chicken
toward the end of my time in high school we started getting chick-fil-a sandwiches which was pretty cool

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>actually eating the school lunches
This shit always looked unappetizing, I don't know why anyone ate it unless they were poor.

>> No.17931652

How are you going to speak on any level of confidence for ALL the french fries across all 50 US states and thousands of school districts? I am speaking from my personal experience, the fries we had in my middle school were always hot, crisp, and perfectly seasoned, whereas my high school fries were soggy, bland, and cold.

>> No.17931656

I only ate it because my neighbor's grandma was a lunch lady and would give me a free double order of food every school day, I wouldn't even have to wait on line. She'd give me tons of fries, free cookies, I even got to skip the line. She's probably why I was a fat fuck in middle school desu

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anyone else feel nostalgic for school food even though it wasnt very good? i want to go back to having no responsibilities

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2005 here. God I can taste that pic. I too dunked my nuggies in the mash/gravy.

>> No.17932672

Pretty sure those of us that loved school lunch grew up in a school district where 98% of kids actually paid for the school lunch.

>> No.17932679

True. You can see in vintage 90s media how beloved it was by children.

>> No.17932681

we called them ribacues. i still call them this to this day.

>> No.17932686

It's deep fried

>> No.17932688

I don't know how I got so unlucky, but I would get a bone in my school McRib like every other time. That shit gave me ptsd

>> No.17932709

those fucking sucked. country fried steak day was lit

>> No.17932718

>pizza on this horrible, dry and crumbly multi-grain crust that was still slathered in a fuckton of cheese and greasy toppings
If it's the same shitty high school pizza I remember, the sauce had capers in it and the whole thing just tasted off.

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Post Obama retard

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The only thing that I find really repulsive about American school lunches is, that it's served directly on a tray like for prisoners or animals, probably with some plastic cutlery, if any at all. It's so insulting.

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for me, it's a meat pie and a donut

>> No.17935686

Corn dog with smiley fries and maybe get a cookie drown in milk

Bonus when the fries had a crunch

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Frankly, I think any country serving school lunches is repulsive, but that's just me.

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For me it was every day

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Fuck yeah. It was always disappointing when the chicken didn't come with potatoes.

>> No.17936228

That shit on the left is definitely not kosher

>> No.17936239

Chicken nuggets on Friday (double order, four paper dipping cups of franks), and pizza sticks with an extra choccy milk for the rest of the week.

>> No.17936252

WTF guys, I graduated in '06 and my high school had a kitchen staff full of grandmas that actually cooked the food. If I squint my eyes this thread could pass for a prison food thread. I feel bad for kids now a days

>> No.17936264

Jesus. What were you in for? Got any good stories?

>> No.17936280

>I graduated in '06
Yeah... Guess who got elected in 08 and brought about a new tier of """healthy""" lunched. Why yes, four packets of ketchup counts as a serving of vegetables.

>> No.17936328

'member when the obongoloids reclassified pizza as a vegetable?

>> No.17936417

school chicken gives me hiccups

>> No.17936418

My ISD had chicken tenders on Fridays for $1 extra, it was the closest they came to serving real food. Otherwise I'd just get pizza every day because their burgers were fucking awful. I wish they'd just offered the tendies all week.

>> No.17936595

I remember my friend got a chicken sandwich from the chicken sandwich line and it was still raw in the middle. He immediately got up and started yelling at the lunch lady selling them and he threw it at her. I thought it was funny at the time but now I feel bad for her. She probably didn’t even make them

>> No.17936607

Remember Chef in South Park? It was funny because nobody liked school food but they acted like they did. Then there was scientology and obama and we all pretended for real that we used to like school food.

>> No.17936625

Speak for yourself.
The food might have been trash in elementary school, but by middle and high school, I had pasta bars and taco bars. Michelle put an end to those, and my heart breaks for all the classes below mine.

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How are you boomers
you're just fag millenials

>> No.17938109

I don't know in middle school it was fries and some kind of burger everyday with a soda and candy vending machine always stocked

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>taco day
>drink a chocolate milk despite being lactose intolerant because I’m a mad man
>shit pants at recess
I’ve never recovered bros

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>be itoddler in becoming
>eat food your body can't handle
>shit yourself

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>> No.17938166

It's because of school lunch that I think canned green beans are the perfect side to spaghetti.

>> No.17938180

It was Congress, and it was the sauce (because classification rules were loosed such that tomato paste could be considered a vegetable serving). Good job getting hoodwinked by the kike media.

>> No.17938804

That's what gives it flavour

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bosco stick chads where are u

>> No.17938832

For me, it was the hot ham and cheddar sandwiches on a pretzel bun

>> No.17938833

For me, it was never eating because I never felt hungry and never growing until my mother took me off my ADHD meds at 11 and gaining almost 45 pounds in the span of two months, which Ive barely began to get rid of, 8 years later

>> No.17938881

>insulting presentation.
bitch I don't want my taxes paying so kids can have nice "presentation"

>> No.17938898

Yeah bro I'm sure your third world breadlines where you get your weekly cabbage rations are a joy to be in

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imagine not being American. seriously can you even IMAGINE it lmao

>> No.17939239

eating lunch at school is such a bizarre concept to me. Everyone at my school went home for lunch, or if you needed to stay for some reason you packed a lunch, but that was rare and usually a fieldtrip

>> No.17939274

>bacon bits
I'm sure I'm being trolled but don't get the joke

>> No.17939278

I usually didn't even buy lunch because I didn't have anyone to sit next to. So I just went to the library to do "homework" aka not be seen sitting alone.

>> No.17939281

What actual third world failed state do you live in where schools don't serve lunch?

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Every tues throughout the 90s

>> No.17939299

Monday hotdogs
Tuesday tacos
Wednesday hamburgers and chocolate milk
Thursday sloppy joes and burritos in a bag
Friday was pizza day, the best day of the week

>> No.17939384

I don't get it, how do you even remember what your school lunches were like. I remember Bosco sticks and that's about it.

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Okay I got something for you millennial 90's kids. When I was in school like from 4 to 6th grade, they had these amazing chocolate chip cookies. They sold them 10 cents a piece or 3 for a quarter. I am an accountant now (a story for another time related to this and niggers trying to take my cookies). It took me years to find the recipe for these cookies. Sometime in the 90's these cookies were no longer allowed because they are so good and bad for kids to eat. But they were made in schools across the US at this time, so if you have a memory of really good cookies. Well enjoy!