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Sheetz > Wawa

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hold on a sec

wawa is a gas station???
so the retards who always go off about how amazing wawa subs are, are just eating gas station sandwiches?

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oh it's true
it's damn true

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it started as a sub shop and then they started selling gas later on

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Sheetz is at least twice as good in my opinion. The fact they have a deep fryer expands their options, and frankly Wawa has been bland the last 10 years. Used to be good.

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sheetz: for when you're too lazy to microwave your own dinner

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Yeah, their gas does have fewer additives and their bathrooms are nicer.

Wawa soup is better though

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sheetz is my go to road trip bathroom, closely followed by your average mcdonalds

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>Some retard broke the F'Real milkshake machine....again....

"do it yourself" meme gadgets were a mistake.
They should have just made it a vending machine with a little window on it.

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I went to the bathroom in a mcdonalds somewhere in the midwest. I like to stop there since it's generally pretty clean and I can buy a predictable coffee. Anyway I go into the bathroom and it's crazy busy. There's an old guy pissing at the tall urinal leaving only the short one open, and there's a dad and son in the stall. The dad is yelling at the kid too. "Just do it," he says. "You know how to do this!" Those two are having a rough day. So I pull up to the short urinal and figure I'll just piss real quick in the middle of this little drama, but I have shyness from the guy yelling and it takes a minute to get started. No wonder the kid can't piss buddy you're making me nervous. Once I finally do get it going grandpa at the urinal next to me starts looking over. Making me uncomfortable gramps take it easy. But he keeps glancing. Glancing. So I kind of angle myself away from him and keep pissing. This has turned into a pretty stressful situation. Dad is yelling, kid can't piss, and now grandpa's trying to get a look at my dick. I look down as I finish and realize that I've been missing the entire time. I've been pissing on the top of the short urinal and it's just been running down. With all the distractions I didn't even notice. Thanks for the heads up gramps. So I do what anybody would do, I zip up and walk straight out of there forever.

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Was wis better
T. Used to live in PA

Hazelnut coffee
One of the pre made breakfast sandwiches under the heat lamp near the register
Simple as.

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Sheetz for sure.

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how do I upvote

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sheetz: for when you're too lazy to give yourself the sheetz and would rather pay someone to do it for you

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How the fuck fat and white trashish are you?

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