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Does anyone else use a 1:1 ratio? I can't tell if it's a respectable amount of vinegar or my taste buds are blown out and I need more. 3:1 just is super underwhelming to me.

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In France it's usually the following:
3/6 of oil
2/6 of vinegar
1/6 mustard

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1:1 is the way to go otherwise it's just oil with a hint of vinegar.

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I can't do any less than 2:1. It's too stinky.

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What vinegar are you using? Maybe your vinegar is just poor quality.
Maybe your produce is poor quality
Are you adding enough salt? Salt reinforces the flavour of your food.
Better restaurants use a 5:1 ratio.
But yeah, most likely your taste buds are just horribly misseducated.

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I do 5:3:1:1, by volume, oil:vinegar/lemon juice/other sour thing:prepared mustard:pasted garlic. If I don't think the vinaigrette benefits from garlic, I double the mustard. If I'm doing one which benefits from neither mustard nor garlic, I use some sort of paste. Miso. Tahini. Peanut butter. Etc.

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3 parts oil to 1 part vinegar will always work. Just add salt and some mustard for body but its a foolproof recipe. Also make sure to use olive oil, i dont know what you faggots do. Im sure half this board would use canola oil for their vinaigrette

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Y'all need to try mayonnaise in your vinaigrette

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