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>eggs from me aunts farm
>cheese from my aunts neighbor farm
>la Molisana sphagetti
>good pepper
>high fat farmmade pork sausig
it was better than the one I tried in Rome. that French fag Alex would be proud of me I swear.

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looks nice but it's not a carbonara

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It looks like you tossed Velveeta and goat turds on some pasta

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Little Miss Ems tier

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looks pretty good! try adding a little bit of cream to the sauce, this makes the carbonara even better (and Vincenco seeth)

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I thought Im getting lots of upvotes, oh geee... fuck you 4 chan racists

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>Is that..... garlic?? Oh no, is that........ FLAVOUR??
>Mama Mia noooooo is not the way abuela made it nooooo its not-ah real-ah carbonar-ah

I hate wops so much. Remember, spaghettiniggers were the original border hoppers.

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Im Russian

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back to reddid

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Well maybe you should slow down, take it easy

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nice but do try gunaciale anon. say hi to yer aunt for me will ya.

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why? can I stay here?
and.. why?
Im shocked. what did I do??

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>try gunaciale anon
I tried, it was worse. thats the case.
you dont dig it lads.

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I think italians use sausage too but I forget which recipe

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Im going back to my fellow pol and post it there and you non white fucks better be ashamed of yourselves

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this fucking board lost its fucking soul.

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sure you can, he was just goofing around reminiscing different times

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Im struggling,
have a fucking honor lad

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>i made carbonara!
>without guanciale
>without pecorino
Uhmm, sweety. That is not carbonara at all.

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>different times
times don't change here, anon.

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congratulations, looks like dog spew

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I hope you enjoyed it, OP.
I make carbonara sometimes when I get home late since it's quick and easy.
I make it with prosciutto since I can't afford guanciale

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This. I can't see any cream.

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Yes it is.

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If my grandmother had wheels, she would have been a bike.

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sure granpa, now let's get you to bed

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Looks ok
> not enough pepper
> You didn't even tell what kind of cheese you use
> Pork sausage is not as good as guanciale
You made the cream good tho.
In what restaurant you ate carbonara in Rome?

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I melted "guanchale" pieces on the pan, its called here just "pork cheek", to render out the fat. "sausage" is a high qualy shit with pork fat of the highest quality as well (fat is needed for emulsion with an egg). and yeah, not enough pepper because the picture is my wife's plate. I didnt snap my owns.

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I did, lad. thats why I called it "a variation", but the result has came even better than a fancy italian carbonara I tried in Rome. why? because carbonara is a poor mans dish, back in the days people used to put the simpliest ingredients they could find. the process is the key, and the final result was just brilliant. the only reason why I desided to share it with you bunch of cuck sucking nigger loving cucks.

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Whats the deal with Guanciale. It's like 80% fat and 20% actual meat per volume. What if I want more meat in my carbonara, bros? Can I use regular pork cuts and add 50% the amount of guanciale in order to add flavour?

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>What if I want more meat in my carbonara, bros?
nothing, thats the case. poor peasants didnt have much meat so they used evrything they could put in. add on some sausig of high qualy and youll be amazed how good is that.

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Just needs a little bit of mayonnaise desu

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It's not a carbonara but hey, if you enjoyed it good on you.
No it isn't. It'll never be if you change ingredients.
You got inspiration from it, and made a completely different dish which I'm sure was tasty (doubtful about >le better than in Rome!)

This whole thread is bait anyway, don't you guys ever get tired of rehashing the same poor bait?
It's all so tiresome.

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Another 6 months and the spam will move on to something other than carbonara/heat cooks the egg/spaghetti snap, it's always the same with retards. Forced memes were never funny.
>inb4 ironically
Ironic shitposting is still shitposting. Always have, always will be.

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I want to mention, bros. the sphagetti DOES matter. the store shit like barilla and similar do not make a good pasta. first time I used top of the shelf ones like la molisana - and it changed everything.

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Not a carbonara but it looks very well done and 2 or 3 levels above the usual /ck/ dish (the actual food ones)

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thanks lad.
yeah its kinda back to basics "carbonara" because back in the days poor peasant didnt have pecorino or parmesan cheese daily and put inside whatever they could find, but they cirtainly used good eggs and proper pork fat.

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I'm totally in favour of that, adapting the recipe when you've run out of ingredients to do the actual recipe is fine and actually interesting, adding pointless ingredients that add nothing to the dish it what is wrong and usually posters here love doing that
You did good

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> I melted "guanchale" pieces on the pan, its called here just "pork cheek"
guanciale is pork cheek (guancia = cheek) but the way it's stored and aged is what you also take into account.
> "sausage" is a high qualy shit with pork fat of the highest quality as well
Not necessarly, there are different quality of sausage and different quality of guanciale. I didn't think I should tell you that
They also have different quantity and quality of fat

I think you don't have the slighest clue about food and cooking

> because carbonara is a poor mans dish
> uses sausage instead of guanciale
> calls other people dish poor
kys anon, you started good but you clearly a cooklet

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hi man, forgot to ask you what kind of cheese you used in the /pol/ thread. I also did some of my own variations of carbonara but usually it included using a different kind of meat or adding mushtooms. to me it's a carbonara as long as it has eggs, pork fat\meat and a hard cheese but I never heard of a Russian cheese similar to pecorino or parmesan so I'm curious what you got from your aunts neighbours

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Not a carbonara.

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Tell us about the cheese you fuck
The cheese makes the difference between what feels like artery cement and good food , the pecorino brings brightness and acidity to an otherwise incredibly rich and fatty sauce

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the cheese is homemade, high fat from non pasterised milk. the style is somewhere inbetween mozarella and georgian suluguni (which are similar).
>Russian cheese similar to pecorino or parmesan so I'm curious what you got from your aunts neighbours
unfrotunately we dont have those types of cheese here, I mean, really dry hard ones, aged for at least 6 months. they try to copy italian ones, but would be better if they made their own 2bh. sorry lads couldnt reply earlier.

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Just made a (kind of retarded) carbonara myself. I didn't really care much, used penne since that was the only pasta I had and added asparagus because it's been sitting in my fride for a while and I didn't want it to go to waste. I made the sauce traditionally tho with egg yolks, pecorino and the pig fat. Not the best pic but it ended up being pretty good

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Just made my own variation of carbonara. Had to use penne since it was the only pasta I had, added bacon and asparagus but I made the sauce the original way and it ended up being pretty good

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How was it with asparagus? That's not a combo I would have thought to try.

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how was the taste? I cant be bad if the ingredients were high qualy

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looks good OP

what kind of cheese was it?

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>i never thought about pairing asparagus and eggs
wew lad

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no peas either