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I have A LOT of jalapenos and other chilies in my garden (about 5kg+)
What can I do with them?

I tried so far:
- Pickeling
- Chopped on toast and covered with molten cheese
- Marinaded in oil/salt/pepper and roastes them in a pan
- Chili cheese Taco dip (cream, cheese and chopped chilies)
- Added them to tomato sauce and white wine sauce
- Stuffed them with feta cheese and grilled them

- Chili cheese balls
- Powder

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Fermented hot sauce

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Not that guy but-

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>American dictionary
Enough said.

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Marinate the verb, marinade is the noun. Both Marinaded and marinated are past tense and past participle. This is basic english. The word has been used both ways for around 100 years by two continents so I have no idea what high ground you want to stand on.

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give them away asshole.
clearly you do not need them.

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I already have liters of this. And I have tabasco.

You get the best fermented hot sauce from scotch bonnets

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Whatever you do, don't cram them up your ass. Learned that the hard way.

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Small harvest for breakfast

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Oiled with seasoning

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Onions and garlic

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God bless you friend.

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Served with some bread, butter and feta cheese (not in pic)

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Forgot pic

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Impoverished minority hands typed this

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Stuff in cream cheese, wrap in bacon, smoke.

Tomatoes, onion, jalapenos chopped with a little lime juice salt and oil.

Roasted tomatillo salsa. Tomatillos, onion, jalapenos. Broil them until charred add to blender. Add salt and desired seasoning (maybe a little water to ease blending). Blend.

Look up a recipe on making a fermented hot sauce. Uses lots of chilis and due to vinegar will keep along time

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Oh I havent tried jalas with tomatoes. I will have a few tomatoes this year, nice idea

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He's right though.

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shame on you rabbi

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Green manure + vermin deterrent around your garden.

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>boil jalapenos
>remove some sneeds for less heat
>mix with a little bit of oil in a food procesor
>add salt
>gradually add oil until creamy
Enjoy a good sauce/dip and painful asshole

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>painful asshole
I eat habaneros and scotch bonnets all the time. I have 1l fermented scorpion hot sauce.

Jalas do nothing to me.

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Marinade is a noun not a verb.

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all of those for breakfast? kek what the fuck

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That's nothing. I eat 5 kilos of chillies a day plus I'm an active pedophile.

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>- Stuffed them with feta cheese and grilled them
add some pulled chicken to that

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>>- Stuffed them with feta cheese and grilled them

why not? bread, feta and those jalas. We're two ppl btw

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Does not imply “give away the literal fruits of your labour”.

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Pussy, I eat raw carolina reapers by the pound.

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> asshole
Only because you're "trying" to eat the jalapeno. Don't do that. The japapeno is going inside you. Accept it. You'll have much more enjoyable results if you simply let your body eat the jalapeno.

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the obvious answer make a shitload of hot sauce and you can use them all at once

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You must conduct a very miserable life, I genuinely feel sorry for you.

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How much did you donate today?

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Sliced and pickled in soy sauce with some garlic cloves is pretty tasty.

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This was gonna be my suggestion. Get yourself some bottles and that shit keeps forever. I'm sure it loses potency over time but I have some powder made from some of those Indian superhots that I got from a friend and it's still quite potent despite being 3 or 4 years old.

You could try making pepper butter. I cook jalapenos alongside a bunch of garlic when I'm preparing butter to baste steaks with.

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Read some old books, you'll literally shake when you see how words can be spelled.

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hot pepper jelly
dry them
puree and can

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I like you. And thats right

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jalapenos give you painful asshole exactly because you dont feel the heat eating them and can eat a plenty of them at once

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Make sambal with it. I have it as a side with stuff almost every day. Just throw some salt, garlic and lime in there with a couple peppers.

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Fried jalapenos are dope with tacos

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Salsa mexicano negro

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I love jalapenos in Mac n Cheese and in omelets. (try to just barely cook them, that fresh jalapeno taste is what you want to bring through besides just the spice)

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do i cook the fermented peppers afterwards? A lot of recipes call for that but Chilli chump didnt in this video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pUUlmCML4WY

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nevermind you dont

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I like to turn extra chilis into seasonings. It goes great on potatoes and stuff

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Give some to me OP. I love pickled jalapeños.

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Anyone know how to make a jam out of the jalapenos? I had it once and it was pretty good, I'd love to have some on hand.

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a burger with good peanut butter and jalapeno jelly is my secret guilty pleasure

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>This is basic english.

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Dice super fine and use instead of bird chilis to make Nam Pla Prik
Let a bunch of them turn red and begin to dry, smoke slowly until they are very dry and leathery with pecan wood to make chipotles..
Use them to make salt & pepper versions of calamari, frog legs, alligator, shrimp, etc

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I love putting them in scrambled eggs. Just sweat them in butter and then crack the eggs onto them and mix em in.

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let some go until they are red. smoke them. If you don't have a smoker find someone who does. Then you xan powder them or simmer them in adobo or...

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when i make curry i use quite a lot of peppers