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Visiting Greece for the first time. What are some dishes I have to try?

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man ass with mayonnaise

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Go to their McDonald's and report if it's any different

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It's more Greecey.

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Souvlaki Pita

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1. Psarotaverna aka Fish Tavern, try most of the menu
2. typical taverna, try most of the menu
3. Pita gyros or souvlaki, find a few good ones if you have friends there
4. Mpougatsa, tyropita for breakfast great if your friends know a an excellent shop
5. After night-out soup, don't recall the name. Ask your friends.

Athens; brizolakia meaning steakies, in some street a tavern making steaks 24/7 best place ever. Don't know if it still exists its great. Lots of places are good.

Thessaloniki; can't recall. Lots of places are really great.

Hope you find the best places. 1/3 suck 1/3 are average and 1/3 are supreme.

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make sure you have something homemade

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yeah and homemade gemista and homemade greek food in general.

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Greek kabob

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Skepasti and anything sea food.Also try pizza fan,its the biggest pizza chain and everything they do is great,you can't miss their green shops in every corner

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