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Olovole in.

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his fucking carbonara lmaoo, this guy has to be a troll at this point. I refuse to believe a fucking michellin chef can mess up carbonara that bad.

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*smacks hands*

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nice and hot

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You've seen his infamous grilled cheese, right? He's ran out of fucks to give.

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That keeps the pasta from sticking.

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Not too long ago, he went to Korea and did a surprise cook-off with him against a Korean master chef using only Korean ingredients and he won. Id say hes definitely an excellent cjef but as far as his content goes, he doesnt put in much effort, just wants to get that dosh.

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If my grandmother had wheels, she would have been a bike.

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oil in the pot. for those of you who get mad, my mom is italian so fuck you

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Based, I hate when someone refuses to improve on a dish because of muh tradition. Sure, there are times when the tried and true ways produce great results, but you can legitimately improve food without bastardizing it.

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The only thing i can find about this is some stuff from 2017

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gonna add two stockpots, maybe four
it's your choice

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What in the fuck, who adds mushrooms, chili and peas to carbonara. I'm not even Italian but it's retarded.

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thats why he adds them, he knows he cant be stopped

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Lol he got dunked on by that old drunk fuck from Top Gear and all they did was make a meat pie. Your judgement is dogshit.

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British chefs. Heston Blumenthal also adds chili peppers and peas to his carbonara. To be fair, his recipe, if you remove the fucking peppers and peas, is amazing, but that's because it's just regular fucking carbonara at that point. Brits can't help but put peas in everything.

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eh, james may is a genius.
not a fair comparison.

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>I refuse to believe a fucking michellin chef can mess up carbonara that bad.
you know michelin makes rubber car tires, right?

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milk ON

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*dies from laughter because the flamboyant forren man said something silly*
boomers really are like children at this point.

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Too big, the nipples literally point downwards

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and that's where I'll be

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I wouldn't be at all surprised if he "fucks up" on purpose for attention. I mean, there's an entire genre of purposely terrible DIY and lifehack clips for redditors to seethe over.