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>all this
>over a €2 espresso
Come on, I know cost of living etc etc but why not ask at the counter?

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sure, maybe that's a complaint better suited to bylaw enforcement than a patrol officer, but the law is the law and I'm tired of these shitty hipsters thinking they're above it all.

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I’d say it’s excessive but €2 is €2 and you want to consider if it’s worth it

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I'm ok with this.
>be me
>be in Bongistan for a layover
>go out into London to enjoy le vibrant culture
>it's Christmas Day and almost everything is closed
>find a Middle Eastern kebab place that says "fuck Christmas, we're open"
>go in
>menu on wall has prices displayed
>except for soda for some reason
>why wouldn't they list a price for soda?
>golly I dunno
>oh well
>order a shawarma and a coke
>get served
>it's three pounds for the sandwich and three for the soda
>decide it's not worth arguing over
>pay up
>guy glares at me the entire time
>Merry Fucking Christmas

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>man complains about price of food on christmas day
really bro

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here in Italy an espresso is more or less €1 everywhere. €2 is straight up robbery.

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what makes christmas day different than other day?

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Everywhere has closed up and very few people actually go out.
Imagine opening a store for hours waiting for someone to actually turn up and make it worth it on the off-chance that maybe it’s worth it

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>be in Bongistan
Stop reading there. Kys

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Now I understand, thank you Anon

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florence is a tourist dependant city. they cannot afford to get a reputation for ripping people off. seems a lot like how most cities have a fixed price for taxis from airport to downtown.

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Cry more

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