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I have one of these Chinese drip brewers and I want to make pumpkin spiced coffee like they have at Starbucks. How would I go about doing this? Just put the spices in the filter with the coffee grounds? Surely you don't mix the spices in after the fact. Will putting the spices in the filter extract their flavor?

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Just get some pumpkin spice instant coffee

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In order to do it properly you would need an espresso machine to pull shots and steam milk. The closest you're going to get with a cheap drip machine would be to make a kind of shitty pumpkin spice cafe au lait:

>Fill cup halfway with brewed Coffee
>Mix in pumpkin syrup, a small amount of white chocolate sauce and some pumpkin spice
>Add hot milk
>Add pumpkin spice on top

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Sorry, my wording was a little vague. I'm not trying to make a latte, I just want to add a bit of pumpkin spice flavor to black coffee. Would putting the spice in the filter accomplish this?

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You would want to mix it in after the fact

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>Would putting the spice in the filter accomplish this?
you tell us, it's been hours and you still haven't tried the experiment?

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I've already had my coffee today

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T. /ctg/

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>put spice in filter
>if it doesnt taste like the spice, add spice to cup

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Just brew Folgers and then add pumpkin spice creamer, I think Starbucks sells it.

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