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>eating spaghetti(carbs) with rice(carbs)
I just saw someone doing it in a buffet. wtf is wrong with people

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Tonight I will eat pasta, potatoes, rice and a dinner roll just to spite you.

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I saw some greasy fuckin guinea the other day eat fuckin pasta with garlic bread. Doesn't he know that's carbs on carbs?

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what were you doing at a buffet?

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then youre no better than the rice and spaget pig

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It was a good buffet tho, very expensive for the average person.

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Johnny high roller over here thinks hes better than us because he spends $20 at the buffet instead of $14

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one of those $50 vegas joints?

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80 dollars. No plebes allowed.

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Then why are you there?

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Dinner with your sister. She eats like a pig.

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That fat cunt will eat anything why did you waste $80 on her.

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Good morning sir

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>$80 for a spaghetti buffet
but i guess i would be a little upset if someone was inappropriately mixing foods on one plate instead of doing separate plates with complimentary foods.

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>$80 buffet
you're getting scammed and you're proud of it

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what would need to be included in an $80 buffet to make it worth it?
for me id need cooked to order prime ribeye and scallops

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The fuck you think many forms of pilaf is, especially the Armenian one? Y'know... the stuff that's mass produced, packaged and sold in the US as Rice-a-Roni?
Every day, there are hundreds of millions of people who eat rice with pasta. If you'd like, I could give you my filthy Lebanese grandmother's recipe for the stuff. It's really very nice. Lamb's breast. Lamb's tallow. Butter. Carrots. Parsnips. Onions. Rice. Broken spaghetti. Caraway. Cumin. A good vegetable broth (or lamb stock, if you've got it). It's quite simple to make and just tastes nice.

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>wtf is wrong with people

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motherfuckers better be giving me a blowjob while i eat steak for $80

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spaghetti calzone is pretty bomb. dip it in some mayonnaise

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Ok well if you're judging him for eating spaghetti and rice then what the fuck did you eat?

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Sushi. It was a 80 dollars buffet, so it was fresh. Charging extra, you can even have real Wasabi(not that garbage you buy at walmart). Combine that with some fine wine and Paçoca for dessert(a delicacy in brazilian cuisine).

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That does sound really nice and all but geez, $80 only to eat some sushi...? Does that also include the wine or was that a separate cost? If included then I'd say it's worth it

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Being fat

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You think I would drink an 80 dollar wine? The wine was double the price

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You know... It isn't spaghetti, but a mix of orzo and rice could be really nice in either a chicken soup or a tomato soup.

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Oh anon, you so funny

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Imagine being so poor you're incapable of appreciating the combination of rice AND chips at the Chinese buffet.

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>eating burgers(carbs) with fries(carbs)
I just saw someone doing it in a restaurant. wtf is wrong with people

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so on top of the $80 buffet you paid extra for wasabi and wine? how much was your meal Mr high roller, and where's this buffet

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>He’s never had a baked potato with coleslaw
>he’s never had a hamburger with fries
>he’s never had a fruit pie
The list goes on.

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I've eaten a grilled cheese garbage plate with Mac salad and home fries as the sides. Very tasty.

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Funniest banter I've seen in all my years.

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