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Give me 1(one) good reason not to do this

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Reduces the size of the mouthful you can twist onto a fork.

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You need to take pretty pictures for your instagram.

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Why would I want this much spaghetti in my mouth? I'm not fat

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there is no reason. food snobbery is retarded. italians invented pasta, doesnt mean theyre the best at it

english invented football but theyre shite

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makes you look like a faggot

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I can't

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the italian fairy might break your spine in your sleep

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It hurts your hands.

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Why would you need to?

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it literally wont fit in my pan if i dont break 'ghetti in half

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It's one extra step for nothing.

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I do this every time.
They soften and bend almost immediately from steam or boiling.
Because full-length spaghetti is a pain to eat, and half-length is perfect.

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Do whatever the fuck you want, who cares

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>3 guests
>only 2 portions

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It is not a question of need. You also don't need to make spaghetti at all. The entire scenario is a series of choices.

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It increases surface area, leading to greater potential for bacterial contamination.

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Never do this. Once you've snapped it in half, it's very difficult to snap those halves further with any consistency. Snap into thirds.

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Do you fold your pizza too?

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ah, yes.
the illusion you believe to justify the actions you took that just wasted time.

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It changes the texture. If you like to wrap spaghetti around your fork then the shorter strands don't wrap around as well. If you just pull up strands of spaghetti to bite without wrapping then it doesn't really matter. So it's just a texture thing that can be worse depending on how you like to eat it.

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I won't give you one because I don't give a fuck what you do

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The snap of the pasta angers the Italian

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the spag doesnt twirl so good around your fork when it gets snapped in half

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So your reason not to do it is that it makes it better.

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I'll give you one sort-of reason
>because it's unnecessary
yeah not really a reason granted

and two real reasons
>harder to wrap around your fork
>don't get the satisfying texture of a thick wrap of spaghetti as you bite into it going through all the thickly wrapped strands
Honestly it's so satisfying to eat that way. Yeah you can still kinda scoop it up and it it like noodles after you've broken it but for a lot of people part of the joy of eating spaghetti is that texture.

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>Because full-length spaghetti is a pain to eat
How? Broken spaghetti won't wrap around your fork nearly as easily as full length. Are you just scooping it up like soup and sucking it from underneath like a toddler?

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China invented noodles and confirms that they're not supposed to be wrapped.

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You can just use korean noodle scissors after cooking

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The bible expressly forbids it.

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