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A group of students at Johns Hopkins University recently developed “Tastee Tape,” a product that aims to keep your food from creating a mess.
A group of chemical and biomolecular engineering seniors — Tyler Guarino, Marie Eric, Rachel Nie, and Eric Walsh — created an edible tape that uses an organic adhesive and a fibrous scaffold that is safe to cook with and consume, according to the university’s website.

“First, we learned about the science around tape and different adhesives, and then we worked to find edible counterparts,” said Guarino.

The students tested a “multitude” of ingredients in order to get the right combination for the perfect product that they say can “hold together a fat burrito.”

As for how they made it, that will remain a secret for now. The students have applied for a patent and are waiting to hear back.

“What I can say is that all its ingredients are safe to consume, are food grade, and are common food and dietary additives,” Guarino said.

The strips are clear in color but were dyed in the prototype photos to show the rectangular shape and size.

Strips of Tastee Tape come attached to wax paper. To use one, you simply remove it from the paper and wet it to activate the adhesive ingredients.

Guarino added: “Tastee Tape allows you to put full faith in your tortilla, and enjoy your meal, mess-free.”

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You're supposed to hold the burrito from the bottom for this reason. Also, the burrito size has to be n^2 the ingredient ratio. This is an awful and meaningless "invention".

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>Tyler Guarino, Marie Eric, Rachel Nie, and Eric Walsh
None of these names sound like they know how to roll a burrito.

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it will still make a mess, wrap it with alu foil instead

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>a product for retards
Just roll your burrito properly

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this invention will work because of literal retards
no, not the people I don't like on the internet, I mean people with legitimate disabilities.

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I can’t imagine being too dumb to roll a burrito

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>not a second tortilla

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Why not just stick it in the pan with some butter for a little bit so it seals up? Always worked for me.

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You watch, someone's going to make a fortune from these

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good idea though it might mess with the bread:filling ratio

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>someone's going to make a fortune from these
Yeah, the school that charged three hundred thousand dollars tuition for each of these students.

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>rice candy with edible wrapper
just like and stick one of there on there

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you retards would criticize the invention of the wheel

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Landwhale detected

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>no, not the people I don't like on the internet, I mean people with legitimate disabilities.
soo....the people I don't like on the internet?

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Could this work with burgers when people keep stacking shit?

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It'd probably dissolve

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Have to invent it first, nigger

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put it in some foil fuck all that other shit

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Wheels are just a poor man's wings.

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I forgot to take a second gym class so I was stuck taking ballroom dancing my last semester
eric was always trying to parter up with me and the one time I got stuck with him he kept rubbing his leg on my crotch

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t. Gringo

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What? No I didn't. I don't even know you.

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Johns Hopkins is obviously retarded. Wear the mask. Get the jab. Eat the bug. And now tape your burrito? Fuck off and learn how to use the right size skin.

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this project probably cost the tax payer 1 trillion dollars

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>researches how to make edible glue
>horse's hooves
>something derived from cockroaches
>hey wait a minute
>wheat paste has been used for generations to stick up wallpaper
>it's a fucking miracle we can make tape now
>instead of just brushing water on the tortilla flap before finishing wrapping it against the rest of the burrito

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>researches how to make edible glue
>horse's hooves
>something derived from cockroaches
>(Klaus Schwab is drooling and rubbing his hands together in glee)
>hey wait a minute
>wheat paste has been used for generations to stick up wallpaper
>it's a fucking miracle we can make tape now
>instead of just brushing water on the tortilla flap before finishing wrapping it against the rest of the burrito
>Klaus Schwab is dissapointed

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>hey wait a minute
>wheat paste has been used for generations to stick up wallpaper
You're making a major assumption that children that don't know how to roll a burrito do know how to apply wallpaper.

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eat ze tape

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>hating on geniuses

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what is the best chipotle order

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Wings are just a poor man’s heroin.

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Nothing now that carne asada is gone. It was their only edible meat.

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Mexicans are gonna be jajajaing about this one

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I like when I order extra cheese and they put extra. But that happens like 20% of the time so I don't go anymore. Can't just give me that good shit and then take it away. Probably some manager trying to get a higher bonus and telling his employees to skimp

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what kind of dystopian hell hole do you live in that burritos need tape?

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Heroin is just a poor man's functional and value-driven society.

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The trick at chipotle or any other place like it is to ask for the ingredient, and after the put the normal amount on it, ask for double that amount. Once they show their hand they rarely try to fuck you like they would if you ask for extra right off the bat.

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yeah I guess I gotta order in person

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Fuck you, now I want to go to my asain market.

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First Taco Bell, now tastee tape. America keeps improving Mexican food. Why could the beaners not make a satisfactory cuisine?

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>Johns Hopkins is obviously retarded
I used to work across the street from the university. Smartest people on the planet if they have a textbook in front of them but not a damn shred of common sense. Baffling.

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go back to facebook retard

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>not pictured: first author Tyler Guarino
>pictured: compost

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Do gringos really?

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I'm taking the one of the far right, Erin is it?

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Eat the tape goyim.

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lol of course something this retarded was made by a woman

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Taco tape was invented in 1999 by a literal child.


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which tastee would u let wrap your burrito?

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>didn't read the OP
>didn't read the thread
This was a solution to a problem that didn't exist. You could literally get a job at Chipotle and learn how to roll up a burrito, but these fucks are dropping 300 grand to come up with stupid shit like this. I have nothing against higher education, but STEM fags are literally retarded.

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right is wife material

>> No.17876655

I find the octaroon the most handsome.

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next theyre going to invent masturbation as a solution to not having someone to fuck

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Mid looks like she would do everything in her power to keep you from leaving her. Though I would never take advantage of a woman who has such a mindset, I do enjoy being in a relationship where my partner is actively doing her part to keep things together.

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>they've never heard of water

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Fucking lazy ass peasants, all that wheel rolling will turn them into fat blobs. Exercise bitches! You need it!

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Thanks to wheel barrels and carts, haulers can move four times as many goods and services than before. Which will put dozens of cart operators out of business! This is all a conspiracy by big tree to replace humans with wood products.

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the burrito itself like many other flatbread types was already invented so you could eat the food inside without spilling, how retarded is this shit?

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>He thinks it takes four geniuses to make this
>He thinks this the sort of thing geniuses are working on

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My burritos dont fall apart tho

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i'll take the one on the left, and the one in the middle can watch

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>comparing the invention of the wheel to consoomable tape
>Shiggy Diggy

>> No.17879663

If wheels were real, some animal on earth would have evolved with wheels to use for locomotion.

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I just hold it at the seam since I'll be holding it anyways.

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>Safety: When heating the materials, it is important not to touch the metal pan or the heat source

This guy's >>17873440 theory is seeming pretty plausible

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>Burrito tape
Dumb pendejada. Do what taqueros do and briefly fry the flap by using butter/tallow as "glue." This guy doesn't do it properly but he gets the job done.

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I meant Johns Hopkins overall

>> No.17880278

>not rolling it up and then searing it closed on the still hot pan

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middle girl is the cutest imo

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Not going to work. The thought of someone sticking edible 'tape' all over my food makes me lose my appetite, and I would reckon I'm not the only one that feels like that.

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