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So I got one of these things. Anyone else do this or have experience ? Looking for ideas.
>Selling Candy on Facebook

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First run is almost ready.
Skittles, Ice cream sandwiches and some other stuff.

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why do you buy things if you have no purpose for them?

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I didn't buy it.

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did you steal it?

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I hear broth and sauces is a good one.



Try a whole hamburger for science

Watermelon chips might be cool.

Make superb mashed potatoes and see if your powdered mash is superior.

I'd love one of those, but they're quite expensive and take a lot of room. Worthwhile investment if you grow your own food.

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no I got it

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Thought about getting one but theyre 3k and a hundred pounds.

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so you stole it. Got it, jamal.

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post results

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The name is Marcus, I didn't steal it.

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Howd they come out, you smoking hot piece of donkey ass?

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freeze dried skittles…. that will improve their already 100 year shelf life.

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It's a foodhack for insane people to spend $3000 to change their candies from chewy to crunchy

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Are those the Skittles on the bottom? Why do they look like that?

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Dude, did you win the harvest right freeze dryer giveaway? You're mad lucky if so, I entered it too.

Use it for preserving rare mushrooms that you found outside. That's what I was planning to do with it.

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Shit dude, jealous as fuck. Wish they sold these outside of America :(

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Freeze drying is done in a vacuum so the air inside the candy shell breaks out.

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Good thread.
Keep us posted.

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Freeze dry cum and post results

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Gummy bears and skittles. They're tasty but I'm not much of a candy person. Put a bunch of fruit in the freezer right now getting ready to try those.

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Those look fun to eat.

Can you do a whole chicken wing or leg, please?

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Those poor fucking gummy nears resemble colorful burn victims

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What's the difference in taste before and after?

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Yeah, I'll try that. I'm gonna start running real food this week.
With the candy I'd say the taste is enhanced. My guess is what when all the water is removed the taste is less diluted.

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Blueberries and mango taste better than other freeze dried fruits I've had. Are you doing this for hiking or prepping?

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How big is that thing? Washing machine size?

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Dunno about freeze drying but do these freeze OK or do you have to treat them special?

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Cram for minimum 6 hours before freezing. Usually 8-12 provides better results.

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>how to treat (yourself) special
the recipie

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Both. Just going to make a load of "MREs" and take em when I go hiking.
Smaller. Like a big minifridge.

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cool, i'd love something like that
know how much it's worth?
can you take all the shelving out and dry like a small animal or something in there?
are the centrifuge guy?

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they'll freeze fine, but if you're worried and want to be extra careful you can probably fit a handful of them in a large ziploc freezer bag.

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You can just say it costs 3.1k pounds you silly britbong.

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Do some cake and cookies

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can i freeze dry water so i can drink it later?

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No, but you can boil it to concentrate the water, so you only need to have one drop to be completely hydrated.

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I like freeze dried berries in cereal, way better than fresh or dried and they are fairly expensive.

I've always wanted to try freeze drying really good ice cream because I'm guessing the stuff you buy pre-dried is the cheapest they can find.

I know you can freeze dry high quality coffee to make better instant coffee but that seems like too much work.

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