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For me its the Full English. Accept no substitutes.

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>tomatoes not even fried
>no beans
>no black pudding
thats not a full english idiot

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>anglos are so shit at cooking they can't even make a good breakfast
fucking grim

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hey i too saw this post on reddit earlier today :-)

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Those are beans.

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>he goes to r*ddit
u dun goofed

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can't believe you would pay to eat this? not even full English retard, trips says that you kys

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look like dates to me

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quality average is slightly higher than here so yeah

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For me it's café croissant

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I just assume most OP pics are from reddit at this point

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Looks like some daft Yankee cunt heard by word of mouth the ingredients to a full english breakfast "fried eggs, sausage, mushrooms , tomatoes and beans, etc" and just guessed based on that. Literally the same thing Kay's Good Cooking does.

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“Yankees” don’t write menus in Cyrillic. You don’t own a passport, do you?

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sorry i didn't take time to read the menu faggot

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Yeah. Apologize you stupid cunt.

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English beans are cooked in tomato sauce. Also nobody eat a frankfurter for breakfast. It's not a full english. More like a full retard.

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This breakfast is more English than the Queen of England.

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yeah no shit shes a reptilian alien

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OP even said it was from Ukraine.

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>tomatoes not even fried

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But you took time to write your triggered rant you limekike

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oh so im supposed to cross-reference all posts with reddit now like you do. go back there and stay there fucker

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I've literally never seen a Full English include black pudding and I live in a Commonwealth nation.

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odd because blood sausage is famous in alot of commonwealth places

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That's a fucking criminal act right there.

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Everything but the mushrooms just looks disastrous
Actually, just give me all the mushrooms
I fucking love mushrooms, goddamn

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i know the point of the thread is that it's a terrible looking plate of food and not close to what a full english should be. but one end of that hot dog being chopped off offends me far more than the general state of the breakfast. probably the 'tism.

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Never understood loving mushrooms. They taste like dirt, and gave a shitty mushy texture. At best they have the flavor of whatever oil they’re cooked in.

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spotted the shitskin

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Good. I hope Russia nukes you

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there are many types of mushroom and they all taste different anon

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I live in England and I see it include black pudding all the time.

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troll post, enjoy the (you). Not bumping though.

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That isn't even full English, is that a fucking hot dog

fucking faggot

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>what is reverse image search

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>menu is in asian
how is it being so wrong about everything all the time?

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>having spyware installed

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not bad by thai standards. at least they got the egg right>>17875813

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Full Ukrainian.

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good thread

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>le botnetx meme
Show proof of it being spyware you faggot

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The beans used in a full english are haricot beans cooked in a tomato sauce not red kidney beans. The sausage is not a frankfurter because the texture is too smooth and rubbery and not savoury enough.

Also, blood pudding is optional, but not essential. At the very least you need beans, sausages, fried egg, mushrooms, tomato, toasted white bread and hash browns.

They cook a full English at my workplace canteen every day, but I can't eat that rich kind of food in the mornings. I stick with porridge, banana, almonds and whatever berries I can get hold of

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>hurrr durrr this shitty breakfast i found off reddit is a "full english" teeheee look at the stupid bongs and their shitty food
you will never be white

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>blocks you are a path
nothing personnel, kiddo

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>no bacon
Who would want to live your miserable little life, Anon?

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I'm whiter than the majority of babies born in London.

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>arms so weak you need to use a fucking hunting knife to cut bacon

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Wasted. Delete this.

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>a fucking hot dog and kidney beans
Do shartmericans really

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>hunting knife
Noknoife spotted

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Here in America we do things a little different

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