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All fries taste like shit

>But you haven't eaten enough!
Went to hundreds of fast food joints, family places, and restaurants, ate 1000s of fry orders, still no.
>But you havent tried the good ones!
All the expensive fries just taste even more herbal, sometimes they add truffle oil so it’s like earthy or cajun seasoning so it’s a little spicey. Still doesnt taste good plus you took away the fries main benefit (cheap)
>But it gets you full!
Baked chicken without seasoning gets me full very quick, even raw kale does. Meanwhile fries just literally make me sick. I have had occasions where I was still sober but had to throw up from all the fries I are, while I regularly teleport home from raw kale without a drop of vomit. And fry vomits are always the worst feeling vomits.

tl;dr FRIES are bad and it's not because I dislike them, it's because they're bad.
>obviously everything I like is good and if I don't then that means it's universally bad
>this is my logic
>I also don't like video games, fast cars, movies, kimchi, hamburgers, pizza with pepperoni, and all meats
>because they're bad

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okay so don't eat them

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>All fries taste like shit
you eat shit?

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Can we all just admit that fries taste kind of bad?

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I don't hate them, I only view them as a filler in between actual meals, and not something good to snack on. That, and when they get cold theyre disgusting unless properly seasoned or curly fries.

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>Meanwhile fries just literally make me sick.
Lmao this mf allergic to fries and is so mad about it they posted an anti-fry screed on a Mongolian under water basket weaving website! On the weekend! Very sad to see. Try some tots and take a breather.

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people experience reality differently than you

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didn't read. fries taste good

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>all fries taste bad
>eats baked chicken without seasoning
I think I’ve discovered problem and it’s you

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If they taste so bad then why so many people like them?
>People generally just have shit taste
Even then, if they were really as bad as you make them sound then nobody will eat them. Just admit it, anon: the problem is not the fries, it's you.

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idk what you on about, fries is one of the few things that make me wanna continue living

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>fries are bad
You haven't tried them with mayonnaise yet then

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If you don't eat fries you're not a real man. Just eat them you pussy. Nobody likes them, we eat them for the buzz - the rush you get from being full of hot carbs. The only people who don't like fries are lonely virgins who stay in their bedroom all day so they never get a plate of fries with the lads.
I ate eight plates of fries last night, shagged a girl and threw up. Just eat them.

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No, because I like them when done right. Not everyone has to agree with your hot take

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>you have to eat one of the most poisonous "foods" in the western diet or you're not a real man!

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>cut potato
>put into sunflower oil
uma delicia

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no, because they taste fucking incredible. they're like fucking crack. but being an amerifat, you probably have never tasted an actual fried potato.

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I kind of know what OP feels like. In the Pittsburgh area our amusement park has this place called the potato patch. As a kid people universally loved the fries, but I would rather go to the indoor food court and eat spaghetti. Not that the fries weren't good, but they aren't as good as people all seemed to think.

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>potatoes are poison
Imagine being you, faggot.

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>cut potates to strips
>boil until soft
>pat dry
>fry in animal fat, preferably beef, lightly salt as you do
there you go, need nothing more

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Potatoes are fine. It's the seed oils they're deep fried in that make them poison.

>inb4 i make my own in animal fat
yeah sure you do fatty

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I like the taste of potatoes. When I make mashed potatoes or similar and after I boil the cubed potatoes if a piece falls on the stove or whatever I eat it by itself and enjoy the taste. I can eat a raw slice of potato and not find it unpleasant.

>>I also don't like video games, fast cars, movies, kimchi, hamburgers, pizza with pepperoni, and all meats

I also like literally all of these things, and honestly most things in general

except movies I guess I can kind of take or leave movies, there's only a handful I really liked and I don't watch movies often

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oh this is a troll thread, pretty much everyone else also fell for it at least

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>seed oils are poison
Imagine being you, faggot.

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So? Was life a competition of who lives the longest?

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have you, I don't know, tried putting salt on them?

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It's a joke riffing on an older thread you dunce
Although yes, most people missed the joke

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>Went to hundreds of fast food joints, family places, and restaurants, ate 1000s of fry orders, still no.

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I agree, sweet potato fries mog shit potato fries

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By all means continue to poison yourselves.

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desu most restaurants have kinda shitty fries and there are better forms of potato

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Post body

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Sweet potatoes are an embarrassment to potatoes and anything sweet.

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>potato patch

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Where to

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>someone makes a joke
wow so a troll thread
>no it's just a joke anon
so they trolled me because I didn't get it
>uh, it's not a troll because you didn't get the joke
that's how it works. if i don't get the joke, they're a troll. case closed.

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Let me describe the best fries I ever ate. Some restaurant in the New Orleans area (where I'm from) took crawfish boil potatoes (see pic - Cajuns throw potatoes, corn-on-the-cob and sometimes sausages in when boiling crawfish - anything that sucks up the seasonings they add), cut them into wedges, then battered and deep-fried them. That was the best fries I ever ate.

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OP here, jokes aside that sounds fucking phenomenal. Louisiana makes the best food in the US, and the most original food on the planet.

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They're not even a potato dumb dumb

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They thing is, my Mom and my Aunt went to some restaurant, and those fries were the leftovers they took home and gave me. I never caught the name of the restaurant, so I don't even know where to get more.

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I can find the name of it if y'all would like.

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I'm pretty sure there's probably more than one restaurant around here (New Orleans) that makes fries like that, but sure, go ahead and let me know what you find.

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Kinda, yeah...

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They're one of my fave foods

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This post seems to be a desperate cry for help or (you)s.
Kinda pathetic either way.

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why do americans put cheese and bacon on everything wtf

heres a real meal

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that looks pretty good but if you added some mayonnaise it would knock it right out of the park

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I find fries made made at restaurants , etc are generally poor, partly because they start getting cold and soggy by the time they get to my table. Homemade fries though, are hot, crispy, godly and delicious.

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I don't eat anything deep fried.

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>why do europeans put gravy and fat on everything wtf

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>and fat
those are onions my circumsized friend

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You could've just walked into the closest McDonalds and ordered a portion of perfect fries instead of bitching here.

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Wait, wasn't this about fried chicken, or am I so high I went to another dimension?

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why are they doing this?

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You are seeing the birth of a copypasta.

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THe receive the attention they never did as children

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hey faggots im just bumping your thread to say I found frozen chips coated in beef fat in the frozen aisle of lidl this week and I am loving life

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>All fries taste like shit
>how to say you live in Canada without saying it
Leafs are too retarded to fry potatoes properly.

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