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>post the beer you drink the most

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This is what us folks in the hard drinking biz call a "workhorse"

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Sama, mut kolmosena.

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Our local stuff.

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I've got a case of this right now. Very nice, even came with a couple of schwarzbiers for free

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I don't drink that shit, wine is better in all respects

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Based Mickey Slim enjoyer.

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Refreshing as fuck on a hot summers day

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You make this very easy.

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One of the few beers I ever drink. excellent choice.

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You're almost there anon, but you're alright

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i love her so much bros

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because it's good beer fuck off.

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This made me realize that I actually like light beer for the taste.

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White trash

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Its awful though

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this and founder's kentucky breakfast stout. i rarely buy alcohol anymore. i have a bunch of whiskey i'm working through and can only have a couple drinks per week cause my stomach hurts too much anymore

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Take the millerpill anons.

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great pissbeer

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patrician taste anon

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That's pretty based and beerpilled bottle you have there.

God, the belgians truly make the best strong beers. Worked there for a year or so and it totally destroyed my ability to enjoy beer in general. They have made that shit down to art.

And yes, there are other great brewing nations too, but it's still so different. People were fucking opinionated about their fav beers and the selection was astronomical, the quality unsurpassed.

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My go to beer for gathering with the boys.

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For me it's the humble paulaner

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If I were to guess it's this

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I just can't agree with paulaner for some reason. Weihenstephaner, störtebeker and erdinger exist and are all better wheat beers

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This is my favourite but every light bavarian beer goes

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best enjoyed on a park bench or under a bridge

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$7 a six pack. blows both faggy microbrews and soulless macros out of the water in both price and taste. the brewery has been around long enough to have a historic landmark designation. this or Pseudo Sue usually. Hamms Old Milwaukee PBR or high life if i can get nothing else

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forgot pic

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I mostly drink to get drunk on weekends while playing TF2 so a can of this, another can of 12% shit and a strong ciggie is enough to get me funny shitfaced for the night, but sometimes I'll pick up a can of this after work.
based Kustosz Tequilla enjoyer, sadly I think it was discontinued, no?

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>Shitfaced on two beers

Are you 60 pounds or something?

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its not shitfaced as just drunk to the point of mild amusement, dont know how to call it but yeah shitfaced is too strong of a term

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Nice. I grew up in the neighbouring town (OB) and each and every one of my family members, from my grandparents to me, started on this. Holds a very special place in my heart and still is my pilsener of choice, even though I'm more of an altbeer drinker now.

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Copenhagen? More like Copinghagen lmao

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Look. It's a good beer. Very respectable. But it's too respectable. It's sold in every single pub and bar and supermarket and often when there's no other good beers this is all they'll have so I'm FORCED to drink it. I have a hatred of this beer which I drink all the time.

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nice drink in the sun Phill
If everywhere stocks that you're a lucky man I usually have to settle for a Punk or Hazy Jane, I prefer their Dissolution in bottles desu and I may be biased as its a Dave Sanders brew and he's local to me.

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Shitfaced is like the top level of drunk. Just call it comfortably or slightly drunk

We have a good term for it here translated to "salon drunk". Drunk enough to enjoy it, but appropriately enough to control yourself at a gathering

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Daily diet

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literal goyslop

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this any good? picked up a few cans in the supermarket earlier. drink zywiec sometimes and its decent. is it like that?

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my Lidl bro

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Is it time to stop lying to ourselves and admit that beer tastes like shit?

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I drink stella artois the most because it's available everywhere, but I prefer carlsberg when I can find it. The elephant pilsner is my favorite, but only certain specialty places carry it where I live and they'll go weeks without restocking

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>I don't drink that shit, wine is better in all respects

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Heineken probably

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$6.99 at walmart for a 6 pack and tastes american

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call me poor. dont care

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is carlsberg good? in an ad you can see they have a lab where they do experiments with fermentation and sheeit.

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So post it, Satan.

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Go ahead, make fun of me

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Excuse me peasants, coming through
I would never have it with an orange though

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Most Intesting Lager, Fren

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Pabst in actuality but aspirationally I'd drink craft pils every day.

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Lately mostly this, it is completely fine.
My favourite tied with Flensburger, shame Flensburger is hard to find in Munich and I have yet to find a full case of Jever anywhere in a city shop.
My preferred daily driver back in the old country. Costs fuck all and a real gladiator drinks it fresh off the radiator.

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>southerner who is liking dry and bitter beers
Are you born in Bavaria or moved there?

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this is my no1 beer but expensive

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One of the few easily available lagers I like that they haven't ruined yet by brewing under license locally.

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cages and corked
master race

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Moved from the Netherlands, hence preferring bitter Pilsner
Don't get me wrong the south has great beer (and arguably better food in a lot of cases) but old habits die hard

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When I go to Finland I drink Ale Coq the most

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Same but with alcohol

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two choices, 1/2

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One of the best Dutch beers, I wish more beers had a cap like Grolsch

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I drink this, the most regular Estonian beer.

I have tried Karhu and remember it being shit. Actually I thought all Finnish beers except Sandels were trash.

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Forgot the pic

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I chase a double shot of Jameson with a pint of Guiness. The flavors blend well.

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Based champagne of beers appreciator

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based fellow alcoholic

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it might not be real german beer but it's way better/cheaper than the imports we get.

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Sandels is based, really full flavored pale lager.

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>Local netto rama always has at least 12 trays of it in stock

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Local Dirk as well, breddy gud

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potosi root beer is shit. the beer was good. did you do the museum?

>> No.17871549

based NEPA'er

>> No.17871567

perlenbacher is the best folkbeer (3.5%) to get in my cunt. everything else in that class tastes watery.

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thanks for supporting estonian economy
very nice

i like this and any variations they have of these

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Jalisco spic detected

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FL fag here...

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>I just sat down and cracked open a bear
2009 boomers pissed their pants, took screencaps and drew comics over this

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Exactly. I switched to strong lagers because regular ones almost always just taste like nothing.

This one is also good. It was named after a rhino in Danish zoo which was so troublesome they eventually just gave up and sent him back to Africa. He died in honourable combat for some sweet rhino pussy down there later.

>> No.17872705

Ooh I do like cannonball. Expensive for a most drunk beer though.
I'm in Leeds so it's all local to me too. I dunno where you're going that doesn't even have virtuous other than like a spoons lol.

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beer tastes awesome :D

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Volf enhelman Chosen
Yeah i'm lithuanian

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The owner treat me to one six pack within the store. They didn't tell you?

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for me it's 12 bottles for $13 at the dollar store because the nearest grocery store is 20 minutes' drive away

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if you lke żywiec you will like tyskie too, for me polish lagers are indistinguishable

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that looks tasty

when i worked in new orleans the mob-owned restaurant had some kind of deal with the yuengling distributor where they got kegs for cheap so we could drink it for free. at first i thought it tasted like feet but i grew to love it.

i will never make fun of you but i was sad to see they took it from 5.99 to 7.99 per 6 pack of tall boys recently at my indian gas station

good choice but unless you are belgian you must be rich to drink that more than anything else

is that the one that's 4.99/6pack at Aldis?

>> No.17873024

yeah the museum is neat. i live near there so it was cool to see how the history of beer is intertwined with the history of industry and mining. german immigrants i suppose. i especially liked the beer cave. their taproom was cool too, some really good seasonal/specials (mostly of the 12% ABV barrel aged boomer stouts etc variety but still tasty. iirc they had a good barleywine)

>> No.17873210

>at first I thought it tasted like feet
Picked the fuck up

>> No.17873219

>not purchasing the vastly superior Phillip's

>> No.17873227

>Vancouver Island in general brews the best beers in BC, excepting North Van

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A Le Coq is literally Finnish though.

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1. <-------
2. Marsalkka Vahva

>> No.17874160

A slight step up from Buckfast.

>> No.17874191

Might as well post #2.
3:d is probably Tsingtao Strong

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for me? it’s lapin kulta

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