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this is a tough one, but i'd say hard boiled eggs- if only because the farts are extremely gnarly

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funnel cake

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Anything too rich and sweet like chocolate cake. I get sick of it after 3 bites.

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Anything fried.

Also, uni.

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cheez its

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Absolutely. Hard boiled eggs are delicious, but eventually that bit of sulfur just accumulates to the point you start to really notice it, and then you just can't eat a single one more.

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even scrambled eggs get bad after a bunch

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maybe just me but both bananas and eggs. Like if I chew too much I notice the texture and start to hack

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Does anyone know if you can garden kelp?

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Liver. It tastes like straight iron if you eat a lot.

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It takes a large aquarium, but isn't difficult. There are videos. Just search for "Growing seaweed at home"

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I love liver so much. Can’t ever have them as leftovers so I have to make just enough. Wonderful, delicious stuff. I wish there wasn’t a limit to how much you could eat them.

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OP is a faggot, I could eat a half gallon of seaweed salad easy.

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Post a video of you eating it tough guy

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This, it's a certain threshold after which eating them is not pleasant anymore.

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>I wish there wasn’t a limit to how much you could eat them.
What's your liver limit? Mines 500 dr

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The internet tells me the limit is once a week. So I just buy a packet of chicken livers and eat it all in one sitting each week

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anything american

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I love me some fresh coconut. But I need to vomit if I ate too much.

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This and chocolate

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for me? it's 'kraut

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picrel. So good for the first handful, but everything after that is gross

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I regret getting these.

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No fucking way, i eat these at a slow and consistent pace until satiated.

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Absolutely bananas for me. It never even occurred to me that you could eat two in one sitting until I heard someone mention doing it. The thought of eating more than one banana had never even crossed my mind before that point.

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Fettuccini Alfredo

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>Just made my first batch
I think I fucked up the salt levels, but I'll see when I taste it in a couple of days.

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A perfectly ripe banana will make me gag. It's not that I don't like the taste. I just start gagging when trying to eat them.

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This is german

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>a spoonful

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