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What's a good vegetable to add to chili that's not a bean or tomato? Something like, I dunno, asparagus or celery or whatever. Are there any Mexican vegetables they like to throw in there?

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>a good vegetable to add to chili

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chilis pendejo

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This, especially roasted ones.
Roasted winter (hard) squash and cauliflower too.

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Green bell pepper, carrots, celery

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Corn. Fucking corn my brother. It gives a good color contrast and is also tasty. Another option could be thin sliced carrots

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sounds intriguing as fuck, definitely trying that shit next time

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>Green bell pepper
Try poblano peppers instead, they're sweet like bell peppers but have a little heat and bite.

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Mushrooms and green bell peppers for me.

Sounds good, thanks anon.

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Beans are botanically fruits but from a human culinary perspective (both in taste and nutrition) they are vegetables

t. palaeobotanist

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corn, onion, peppers

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half the thread said corn idk what to tell ya

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Does corn still count if you already add masa harina?

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i mean thats just extra corn base, i like corn as part of whatever meat and veggie mixture im making

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he's talking about sweetcorn (or a tender cooked hard corn)

Generally for Chili:
Chilis (sweet and/or hot)
Greens of any type, as long as you don't overdo it
Potatoes (don't overdo)
Corn (usually sweetcorn)
Ground beef or other meats
really anything that won't off the flavor, you could add rice, quionoa or whatever.

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Sweet potatoes go well with chili. cut it up into cubes, put it on a baking sheet, and bake in the oven at 400 until nice and brown. Then throw it on top of your chili when you serve it, since it would turn to much if you tried to mix it in in the pot.

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Paleobotanist, what's your take on the "early Christians were tripping out on ergot fungus" theory?

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How the fuckis that intriguing. Chili is just spicy bolognese and carrot is standard in bolognese.

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Interesting you should mention that since I have somewhat covered the subject but in a completely different time period. The presence of (potentially) psychedelic compounds is attested in many archaeological finds spanning many time periods. The problem is actually creating a plausible link between the presence of those compounds and the cultural phenomena (Christianity, Greek philosophy, Germanic/Viking warrior rituals, Uralic shamanic traditions, etc.) they supposedly spawned/supported. There are no explicit texts or archaeological remains that point to this, so far those theories rely on speculation.

There is the potential to "measure" the effect of psychedelic compounds on culture but this is a very very long shot and will need a lot of supporting evidence. Visual hallucinations produced by psychedelic compounds adhere to certain geometric principles that derive from the structure of the visual processing area in the brain. Certain types of art might resemble basic elements that make up these hallucinations. But again, it's a very very long shot: http://dx.doi.org/10.1177/1059712313483145

If it's that difficult to have even tangible evidence on something we could potentially measure, you can imagine how difficult it is to truly substantiate the evolution of cultural and socio-political developments as a result of the effects of these substances.

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All of this sounds good but instead of adding rice or quinoa I would add the end result on top of a serving of either

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Are you seriously asking a paleobotanist who doesn't know the difference between vegetables and legumes for an opinion?

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instead of adding stupid shit why don't you focus on making your chili actually good?

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huh, that really sounds kinda good

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>bean or tomato
Neither are vegetables.

But corn can give a neat sweet contrast

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bell pepper and onion u dumb ass faget

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half the posts are just mirepoix/soffrito/holy trinity
they work well

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Bit of ginger. Bit of parsnip.

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corn, bell pepper, onions go good
they once served us chili with green peas in it. it was disgusting.

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zucchini, eggplant, okra, carrot

everybody else itt is retarded

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mirepoix does not belong in chili

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Any Idea where I can buy Okra? I recently ate it for the first time in an indian restaurant and liked the taste and texture but I have no idea where to obtain it

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Are peppers healthy? I don’t really like many vegetables, but peppers are delicious. I’ll start buying a lot more if they’re good for you.

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Put your limp dick in it.

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American nutrition education, the post

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>Chili is just spicy bolognese
It really shouldn't be. A good chili con carne will use chunks of meat instead a fine mince, a traditional chili doesn't have mirepoix, and should be significantly less tomato-ey than a bolognese.

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ugh this post reeks of vegetarianism

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Good, at least you're sane.

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Just toss some extra onion in there. You could even try seeing if you like some firmer bits of onion by adding it diced after the meat has already been browned.

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In general, vegetables are salubrious. So, bell peppers or poblano peppers are good for you.

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why are people so insistant on turning their "chili" into brunswick stew?

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chilis, peppers. maybe carrot? but normally i'll put 2 or 3 different kinds of dried peppers (chipotle, guajillo, bird chilis) and some bell peppers in there. carrots aren't bad. i've done mushrooms before, they go well with the ground meat. throw a can of corn in there, why not? garlic, onion. more chilis. you could probably do taters, sweet taters, pumpkin, squash and not offend anyone. i made a really good chili with tomatillos in it once because i had a shit ton of tomatillos, ended up good but a little tart so make sure you balance it out with some sweet and salty.

are you familiar with "the sacred mushroom and the cross" by john allegro? you'd probably like it. also i think early christians weren't so into ergot but like >>17842166 said, it's hard to prove. greek mystery religions were definitely tripping out on ergot solution though.

here are some things you might be interested in reading
also G Gordon Wasson's book on the eleusinian mysteries, Road to Eleusis or whatever. And John Ott wrote some interesting things about it as well.

Also, plot twist, Albert Hoffman knew exactly what he was doing when he made LSD because his company had been working with nazis who had made an exhaustive survey of psychoactive plants and mysticism and were 100% aware of the Greek mystery rites. the whole bicycle story is a sham, i'm pretty sure. it just gets swept under the rug because the real version shows how awkwardly close Hoffman and the rest of the modern day pharma industry were with the nazis (hand in leather glove pretty much)

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idk if you are joking but prunes, raisins, cranberries, various other kinds of berries go pretty well in chili, as well as fruits (apple, peach, pear, etc) if you aren't opposed to some sweet with your savory.

one of the best chilis i ever made which won a competition was a really spicy sweet smoky chili i made with mulberry/blueberry puree and chipotle+habanero peppers

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yknow i was wondering when i read OP if zucchini or eggplant might be good. wouldn't okra get goopy?

go to your local farmer's market in mid-summer. or look in the produce aisle at the store

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tomatillo, retard

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Grated courgette/zuccini

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Diced water chestnuts. You're welcome.

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that sounds friggin great

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raw on top. sour cream is great as well.

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Jeez, OP. You really need to figure out exactly what a vegetable is. As other have pointed out, neither beans or tomatoes are vegetables.

Beans are starches and tomatoes are technically a fruit, although many consider it a vegetable. For the idiots who suggested corn, corn is a starch also.

My suggestion is onion. You could even try multiple types of onion, white, yellow and red onions. My next suggestion would be bell peppers, and again, you could try red, yellow and green bell peppers. Next would be celery. These three vegetables, onions, bell peppers and celery are known as the cajun holy trinity.

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