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Do you leave the grease in the pepperoni cups?

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The fick am I looking at?

Also, no, I only get spicey salami on pizza, pepperoni is cancer.

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i dont enjoy pepperoni in pizza.

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I use a syringe to top them up with grease.

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You have to be over 18 to post here.

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not only no anon, but fuck no

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>when he tears off a paper towel in preparation to remove all the flavor from the top of the pizza

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This is good and healthy as long as its not seed oil

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I have to dab the grease now or else I get heartburn :(

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No, I take a paper towel and blot it out since I am not a 500lb tendie lord.

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only certain 'ronis give me heartburn
ubergreasy costco pepperoni is the only one i can tolerate nowadays

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What an insufferable moron. You realize there are 100x the calories from the carb in the crust? How about learn something about nutrition, and what do you want to bet you’re over weight

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>He doesn't know the truth about degreasing
Short and long versions of ascension into godhood. I suggest you study them

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it was my turn to ullillilliapost

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I dry them with a tissue

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based grease enjoyer

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My pepperoni doesn't form "cups."

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Always take a paper towel and dab that oil off.

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Use toast to collect the grease and eat it afterwards. I do that whenever I used too much butter in soups

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I thought these were grapes from the thumbnail. Also, no. If I end up with a heartattack, I'd rather get to eat more delicious-tasting unhealthy food than just waste that amount of artery-clogging on stray grease that doesn't taste like anything.

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