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simple dough but based on hot boiled water with butter and one egg yoke. minced meat inside. beef + lamb 50/50 + cut onions.

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find a flaw, faggots

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your existence

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looks alright, man

could probably buff it out with some potato and carrots, maybe? turn it into a faux cornish that way?

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nah, tatties and carrots dont go there, onions enough. the recipe is ancient, from central asia.

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oh no im well aware of the recipe from the title, lad. as i said, it looks good, but yknow tradition doesnt automatically mean good, so add some stuff in for funsies

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Nice rip off of native american food

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yeah, totally agree, but I tried adding carrots, tatties, tomatos, ham, cheese, jalapenos, doesnt make better.
its a different thing lad.

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im surprised potato didnt work. did you parboil them before? seems just natural that some cooked taters n carrots would work wonderfully in there. or other root veg like well-cooked parsnip or something so that they're super tender

also im a slut for onions so id still eat that shit up regardless

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It's a stupid joke and you don't get it.

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nah, I didnt partboil the tatties, I cut them small, and it cooked through well. there are "belyashi" - a similar dish but with yeasty dough and different shape, tatties go better. but still, putting more onions with meat and nothing else is the best way.
Im in a massive hangover lad.

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Dang that looks good and I like the ingredients. Do you caramelize the onions or brown the filling before adding it or do you fry it all raw inside the breading? Add any spices to the meat?

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no you do not caramelize the onions, just cut em small and mix with the meat, also add on some ice cold water to make meat more juicy. spices are just black and cayeene pepper but some people add cumin (I dont, I let the meat shine).

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Really nice.

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kill yourself faggot

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the video recipe. one of the variants

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stop copying my mom's recipes faggot

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show picture cunt

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can't, im in the land of bad food at the moment (western europe)

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nice dubs, post ur plain pasta dinner already

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finna cook some pork loin steaks with mashed potatoes this evening
no i will NOT post a picture

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sounds good, coward


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