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Anyone here know how to grow grapes?

i bought a 30 year old Monastrell last year and after reading about pruning and loads of other stuff i am not sure what to do.
here are some photos
the goal was to have multiple vines coming from the 30 year old trunk and have 1 run on each plank of the fence and a couple going next to and underneath the roof overhang, maybe even have something next to the overhang to hang a vine on as well.

after reading a lot i am not sure this would be optimal,
my main goal is as many grapes as possible covering the entire garden.

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Also if you know a better board/thread for me to crosspost in let me know.

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Probably better to ask /diy/ this sort of thing.

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other ck anons may have an idea, in the meantime you could post smth in the farming/gardening general in /out/ >>/out/2366681

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ask farm/garden general in out? >>>/out/2366681

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>underneath the roof overhang
Vines have to be fully exposed to the sun. Trying to grow them under a roof is pretty dumb.

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in my experience when i was young and my father did something similar they actually grow faster underneath these kinds of overhangs because the plastic creates a kind of
incubator effect

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I've also looked at growing grapes so I can larp as an ancient Roman or Greek and make home made wine. So far I don't have any direct experience since I'm a rentcel and not a landchad, but I've done a lot of reading and research.

The vines will take 3-5 years to start to produce viable fruit. I'm not sure how transplanting an older vine would effect this time line but I'd image the plant would need to regrow it's roots into the new soil. Additionally, I'd image the tiles you have and foundation will get fucked as the roots grow and expand, so keep that in mind. Another factor is your wall isn't allowing the sun total access to the plants. Again, my experience is just reading and researching about how to grow grapes, but based on it I'd say your situation isn't ideal. Also you will need more plants if you want to make a bottle of wine.

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