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How do you cook thick burgers through to the middle? Mine always end up staying red on the inside, so I have to make several thinner patties instead.

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Low heat and cover with a lid so it steams in its own juices

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You don't, thick burgers should be medium rare or they will be dry
Just keep doing layered smash burgers

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How d you sear the burger if heat is low?

Fair enough, thanks.

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One essential trick with thicker burgers to get even cooking is to make a dimple in the center so that heat can get to the center easier...burger patties will naturally shrink and fatten up in the middle and without thinning that part out it takes so long to heat through that the rest of it dries out or burns. Also helps keep thinner burgers from warping and cupping to thin the middles out a bit. This let's you blast both types with heat for that nice burger flavor and sear...low and slow makes for a meatloaf -like product.
Letting fat burger patties rest a bit can help too since it lets the juices that migrate to the middle redistribute back out so the less cooked middle isn't wet and bloody.

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>Mine always end up staying red on the inside
they're supposed to, thats the good bit.

But you're supposed to make them fresh yourself with meat you grind yourself.

If you want to use store mince just make thin burgers

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> Jack comes to /ck/
Unironically preheat in the oven, it doesn't have to be much, then sear 'em
I've seen burger joints that have those little metal covers for the patties so maybe that is the legit way.

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One thing about restaurant grilled meats and burgers is that they will often do a hot sear with no cover on the first side down for looks and bark/char development, and then flip it and finish the rest of the cooking on low with a cover on.
That acts more like finishing in an oven, the trapped stream softens any really hard bits of bark/char and its way easier to prevent overcooking..
If you flip a restaurant steak or burger over the non-presentation sides can look pretty undercooked but the overall balance of doneness is perfect.
The trick to getting that perfect presentation is to have a set time for your stove or grill to do that cut of meat or burger patty, and resist any urge to move or touch that meat even for a nanosecond during the entire timed searing process, it needs total undisturbed contact to develop.

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Good tip anon

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I have just the 'gusea for this particular question!

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sous vide could do it, but perhaps that's a bit too involved for a fucking burger

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kill yourself adam you fucking faggot

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> he wants to ruin the meat

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If you have complaints, feel free to voice them in the comment section.

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why would you want to? thick burgers are a shitty meme.

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>making steamed hams

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thick burgers are for losers. may as well just make a meatloaf. burgergods know the secret lies in the smash burger. embrace the smash burger. crispy outside, juicy inside, shallow fried in its own grease. so good

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don't cook thick burgers. they're too big and dumb.
eat 2 burgers if one burger isn't enough.

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Sear it then put it in an oven

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>Mine always end up staying red on the inside,
Nothing wrong with that.

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>Just keep doing layered smash burgers
Smash burgers come out medium well at best.
Complete waste of beef.

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>embrace the smash burger. crispy outside, juicy inside
No. Crispy outside means well-done inside.
Smashburgers suck.

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Burgers are supposed to be done medium well.
Thick burgers are usually just for photos and presentation, you can almost never eat them normally either because the sandwitch ends up too big for a human mouth, or have everything inside fall off after a bite because of the size of the beef. Plus you have to know the quality of beef to eat it rare/medium rare unless you just want food poisoning.

Layered smash burgers are the best.

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nah. 80/20 beef stays moist because its so fatty.

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