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>Is Haribo /ck/ approved?

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their candies taste too much like preservatives

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the most /ck/ approved haribo thing is the fact that their candy gives you intense diahorrea. fits this board.

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God I miss my old soda fruitsnacks like you wouldnt believe. They were so fucking good. It's maddening i'll never get to taste them ever again. You can get reasonable facsimiles at candy stores sometimes, but they dont taste the same, or even remotely as good. Fuck this gay earth.

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diarrhoea can be a good thing. flushes lots of extra water out of your body. an occasional flush and refill keeps things from stagnating

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theyre decent, youre eating processed candy, its only going to be so good
what the fuck is wrong with your stomach?

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>he doesn't forever soup his eternal organs

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I'm a poorfag, so I buy those large Lidl bags with counterfeit gummies.

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No it doesn’t retard. That’s the sugar free gummy bears

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only the tangfastics. esp the cherries
the rest are shit

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>what the fuck is wrong with your stomach?
Absolutely nothing, from what the reviews of Haribo's sugar-free products indicate. Everything is working as intended.

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>Is Haribo /ck/ approved?
Did you really have to ask? Haha, get in here, pal.

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>those are the best gummies, and the cherries

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I live in Bonn and by gods I can't stand Haribo any more. People get assloads of candy for any work occasion or private get together and I was never someone who liked sweets much to begin with. It's fucking everywhere

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The sugar free ones do give you horrible diarrhoea but the normal ones don't, or at least shouldn't. A lot of people have the genius idea to lose weight by eating sugar free candy, and it does work but not in the way they expect

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Gummy candies should not be giving you the doo-doos. That is an abnormality.

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