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At what age does it stop being ok to have milk and cereal for breakfast?

>> No.17840670

21 when you should be having beer with cereal for breakfast if you want to be taken seriously as a man

>> No.17840671

when the milk goes bad

>> No.17840690

for milk its 8 months old
cereal if its oatmeal can be eaten whole life

>> No.17840697

Seinfeld ordered cheerios routinely at a diner in the show and he was portrayed to be 30+ in the show. And he’s Jewish so it must be fine.

>> No.17840727

my dads 65 and he eats cereal every morning

>> No.17840950

Those processed cereals ? You should stop eating that since birth.

>> No.17841441

I love my shredded wheat hay bales and no one would ever consider eating a single ingredient cereal as childish.

>> No.17841453

I'm 52 and I eat Grape Nuts and Weetabix on reg to keep myself regular.

>> No.17841461

humans don't eat unprocessed cereals, we arent livestock stfu

>> No.17841472

based indoctrinated boomer that remembers his programming from his childhood

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That shits so damn good

>> No.17841481

The System Product®

>> No.17841482

>>my dads an idiot, so you should be an idiot too!!

>> No.17841484

god you're so stupid

>> No.17841486

If you don’t have a dad? Then you stop eating it whenever you decide to start emulating your self-built concept of how a man is supposed to act.
The same applies to most other foods that fatherless bastards decry as “for children”.

>> No.17841616

I'm seventy-nine years old and still have it occasion.

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