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I've got these but it's almost 8pm already and my 3/1 year old kids won't stfu and go to sleep. Should I salt the steak now and go for it or just have some leftover kfc?

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KFC and take photos.
I need you to convince me to go get a zinger box.

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Fuck it. I could have sworn I had more left than one piece and some gravy. Obviously not. Gunna have to be the steak and I'll have that piece for brekkie tomorrow. Get the zinger box anon. Although the app is unironicallly good for little deals and shit that aren't on their menu.

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The little shirts got into your KFC.
Heavily salt and pepper your steak mate, looking forward to the result.
You air frying the chips?

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Yep. Little cunts. I've got some rub for the steak and i use a weber and a thermometer. Just the oven for the tatoes. I'll let you know how I go. What are you eating tonight anon?

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