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Coors is unironically the best beer you can buy

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Best beer is 30 cents German lager from lidl

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What is that, Oettinger?

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I miss when Banquet tall boys were 1.50

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they used to sell coors tall boys for $2, on the staten island ferry and you could get absolutely sloshed on a boat if you had a reason to ride from staten island to lower manhattan

it was an age of heroes

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You see me out drinking a can of Coors Banquet.

What does that indicate about me as a person? What conclusions can you draw from that as a beer choice? Like if I see someone drinking Budweiser they're probably an everyman without much of a personality who really likes at least one pro sports team.

What's the equivalent for Banquet? They only recently came into the Ontario market.

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love Coors, drink it often, but... lol

picrel is true though

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Over here, cheap Lidl beer is Veltins.

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*Blocks ur path*

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do they still sell beer on the ferry?
Mostly homeless men and alcoholics, however it is unironically the best lower priced beer by a big margin.

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Interesting, that is very high quality for a cheap beer.
I had one the other day and it had a nice rich flavor.

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wtf does this mean

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>does everything beer can do except made from tasty fruit instead of grain

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Coors is fizzy piss. Come back when you’re old enough to drink.

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see image in >>17841760

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I'm 27 you caulk soaker

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you're thinking of Coors Light. Coors Banquet has a lot of flavor.

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this man fucks

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does everything a beer can do except for tasting nice or not upsetting my stomach

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>38▶>>17841194 >>17842594
> Coors is unironically the best beer you can buy
shut the fuck up ameritard

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Based Cider Appreciator

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>Getting absolutely sloshed on tall boys
You had time to drink 5 of those fuckers on that boat ride?

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*blocks your path*

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That shit is absolutely foul. Beer should not be brewed with corn or rice.

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One gas station near me still sells a six pack of tall boys for $5.

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Any UK bros here up for recommending some decent beers? I've tried all sorts, I tend to prefer lagers and IPAs over the heavier beers but that's due to being a pisshead and I like to finish the crate in on sitting rather than feel like I'm about to explode.

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Here Lidl pushes finkbrau or a faggot beer called "kordaat". They actually stopped selling oettinger, which was a nice beer, which to push their own Dutch Kordaat brand.

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I ignore the hate, bout to pop another open

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Have you never had a sour before? They're really good.

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Don't mind me. I'm just here to set the record straight

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*Blocks your path*

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A fun party game is to tape one on each hand and finish both before you have to piss

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I hate sugary beer with a passion. This is by far the worst craft beer fad.

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Local beer is infinitely better.

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T. Fag that thinks carbonated pine cone juice is superior

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I was a regular Stella drinker till they stopped importing it and started brewing it here in the USA (tastes like Budweiser but with more hop and no malt)… Peroni is the way

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Pacifico is not worth the hype Mexicans are making it out to be

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>there are too many of them! what are we going to do?

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I used to be a coors enjoyer until I realized an ice cold corona with lime is the only way

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I think it's like Modelo but better

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This stuff tastes like fucking shit

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Wrong. It's so inoffensive, how could it possibly taste like shit?

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I don't know. it just does lol.
I will give you this, coors is probably the best "shit" beer I can think of. Would drink it over millers or bud.

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Millers suck IMO, Budweiser is good