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Fact #205:
if you use this you're retarded and a total cooklet

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You're an idiot.

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>reply with random insult and no counter
thanks for conceding

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Why do you say that? Things like this are optimal for dishes like scalloped potatoes, potatoes dauphinoise, or any other dish that benefits from ingredients that have been sliced VERY evenly.

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It's all you deserve idiot.

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the few niche dishes that actually require this are not worth it. if you really want to cook them just use a meat slicer, which has many other uses and is irreplaceable, unlike this death trap piece of shit

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>Fact #205:
>if you use this you're retarded and a total cooklet
Wrong. This is the only fact in this thread.

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Now let's see facts 1 through 204

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>Mandolin: like $20 for a high end one
>Deli slicer: at least $200
>Be average retard home cook, fuck up with the mandolin: nick your fingy a little bit
>Be average retard home cook, fuck up with the deli slicer: lose your fingers
>Mandolin is piss easy for even a complete retard to clean
>Deli slicer is a hotbed of listeria and salmonella for the average person who won't clean it properly
You get a deli slicer if you're running a deli or a restaurant and need to slice a lot of meat and cheese all the time, and you know how to clean it, and you have other people to make sure it's clean. You get a mandolin when you're a regular home cook.
Next you're going to say that the average person should have a 16 burner spider top in their kitchen.

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Fact #1
OP is an idiot.

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have you ever operated a deli slicer? your fingers are nowhere near the blade.

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I own a sandwich shop. Believe me, stupid people find a way. Honestly most injuries tend to happen during cleaning.

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I'm not spending hundreds on a deli slicer just to please a literal spam crying about mandolines being useless as a cope

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>buy $20 mandolin
>slice whatever the fuck you need
>finish it with a knife if you need it cubed
Way way faster than chopping veg with only a knife. Alternatively:
>buy pic related for $200
>instantly cube, slice, or julienne literally anything that will fit

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>he doesn’t know the difference between a mandolin and a mandoline
Not in a position to give culinary advice there, fuckwit.

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>hires students (children) at half the price
>complains they're children who do children's stuff
>calls them stupid
good luck with your business

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ITT: OP exposes himself as a retard earlier than usual

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Thank you for that lovely picture.

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Europoors fuck off, eat my cock

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>Makes up a scenario so he can feel like he's right
It's more like I hire some tweaker in his forties who cleaned up really nice for the interview, I give him a chance, fifteen minutes into his first shift and it becomes apparent that he lied on his resume, doesn't even know how to push a mop, and is a complete fuck up. Not a lot of students out here, and most of them tend to take summer jobs cutting grass. I also pay $16/hr, tips easily bring it to an average of $20, and it's a cheap, small little town where most of my competitors are paying barely minimum wage. Any other straw men you'd like to build up to attack, cock licker?

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>Not in a position to give culinary advice there, fuckwit.

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Umm.. hey sandwich-shop-anon, tell your soon-to-be-sandwich-shop-bro something you wish you knew earlier, or think will be helpfull (inb4 lol don't do it).

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OP is a certified fucking retard

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that's what OP did

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Man I saw the ones that look like the OP pic but even cheaper at the restaurant supply for $35 recently.

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Fact # 2
OP is also an faggot.

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Sometimes I'm too lazy to julliene carrots, especially if I'm doing a batch for pickling