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Your daily reminder that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

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My breakfast consists of 1g almonds 6g blueberries, 4g spinach with a vinegarette
Yes im white
Yes I feel better than having eating a ton of grease, carbs, and sodium first thing in the morning
Yes you do eat like a peasant prepping for harvesting mud

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sneed fatty

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That looks delicious, but that single meal contains more calories than I eat in an entire day.

What are those black circles? They look like biscuits that were turned to charcoal.

Do people really eat roasted tomatoes and mushrooms for breakfast? I might try that next time I get some.

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>What are those black circles?
Black Pudding

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Congealed blood in a sausage casing
I know what you're thinking, but no it's not the 1200s anymore, they still do it on purpose

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You sound like a right fussy ponce. Bet you like the crusts cut off your sarnies.

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pronunciation please?

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I regret asking.

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breakfast is important, but I have a small breakfast to not overload the digestive system

coke zero
camel 99 cigarette
half an italian roll with some cheese and mustard on it

simple as

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you talk like a gay

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I have a job interview I have to leave for in an hour that I'm a little jittery for. So I'm going to kick out the coffee, and food until I get done with it. Sticking strictly to water so there's nothing to mess with my stomach.

I figure even if I bomb the interview, or something else bad happens at least I can come home, and eat a big ass meal to ease the pain.

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Cereal company propaganda

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"breakfast is the most important meal of the day" was a marketing psyop by cereal producers to make people eat their bland awful shit with a smile


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Except even most Americans agree that cereal is a shit breakfast.