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A reminder to the plebs, dill pickle sunflower seeds are the best, and if you think otherwise you're to young to be browsing this board.

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I've never had them, never knew they existed, but i'm already in agreement.

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i just get the ones that are already hulled.

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Imagine eating seeds like some pigeon, get some real food

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Imagine not knowing the satisfaction of standing at short stop with a pocket full of sunflower seeds and waiting to throw some fatty who eats 3 big macs a day out.

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Dill pickle always reminds me of ball sweat. Like spitting out climbs of sweaty ball hairs.

Nah I'm good bro.

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david brand is far superior to the bigs brand
these ones rock extremely hard

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Does the seasoning penetrate the shell or is this just a bland seed with some seasoning on its shell one needs to lick off it?

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Sunflower seeds are the most retardedly labor-intensive food there is.

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based (agreeable)

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these are the posts of homosexuals

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If you're eating ball sweat you sound like the gay one. Sunflower seeds are pretty good, I just prefer regular salted. No "flavor" bullshit.

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Definitely agree. David brand is crispy and delicious, Bigs and others are just soft and bland. I wish this wasn't the case, but there you go.
Haven't seen bacon mac&cheese before, I'd love to try it. Last time I tried Buffalo Ranch the only way was to order 10 on Amazon, which I did. They were delicious, but that's way too much.

You haven't tried chinese watermelon seeds. Same deal, but harder to crack and less seed inside.

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>literally using your mouth to tease out some salty seed which you savor and swallow
>calling anyone else homosexuals
Nah, bro.

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pistachios are way worse

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they also brought back the nacho cheese ones which were rare
the david sunflower seeds are just different. they are smaller and more dense than the bigs style
the bigs ones just lack quality control. it reminds me of eating corn that was meant to be cow corn

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instant ticket to a salt and abrasion blister in your mouth

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I love sunflower seeds but they're such an inconvenience to eat

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i've had very good dill pickle sunflower seeds,
the Taco Bell flavor form the $1.25 Tree, or the Salt n Pepper from Publix I'll eat 'til my mouth is raw.

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the edible parts are marketed as sunflower meat or sunflower kernels and cost $2-3 per pound for end consumers

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Lightly salted is the only acceptable seed. Dakota style is also occasionally acceptable

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If they come devoid of ball sweat seasoning that's a steal.

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eat them while doing yard work
just have a bag in your pocket

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this, i mainly eat them while fishing

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I eat them with the shells because I can't get the flavor otherwise and then I have hemorrhoids and bloody shits for a few weeks

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even better

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>homosexuals confirm that they are homosexuals by describing their homosexual activities when thinking about eating sun flower seeds

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Way too much work for that tiny little seed. At least pistachios are decent sized

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>can't crush seeds and spit out the shells while storing the seeds in the side of your mouth
get gud, unless you are a fatty that constantly needs calories to feel like they aren't starving.

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Maybe that works outside but eating like that on the couch is just nasty

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coach potato had a thought

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Best seed flavor coming in

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mogs every other kind of seed in existence

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you know you can resell the hulls to plant nurseries for a $1 or so a pound. they use them for compost I guess

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The requires me to have a yard

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zoom zoom

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I'm 30 I just don't feel like paying $200k+ for an 80 year old house smaller than my apartment in the middle of suburban hellscape. I hope the economy crashes with no survivors and I can pick up a foreclosure.

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I eat pickles straight out of the jar weekly yet I find these to be vile

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One time at my construction job some guy brought a bag of these to the worksite and everyone was begging him for some. Sunflower seeds are so fucking based. They help a long shitty day of work go by. They also help during a long drive to keep you awake

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Tell me true, how waxed is your butthole and when's the last time you had it licked?

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>If I call them gay enough times then I win
Braindead fucktard detected. Fuck you and fuck your sunflower seeds. A brainlet AND a snacklet all in one.

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Very tasty.

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