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If you could create any kind of fast food restaurant what would it be?

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optimize crammability

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nanners and lasagne

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Something along the lines of this

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Chick-fil-A? I don't know. Can't stand fast food. I guess Panera is pretty ok and they're pretty clear on their caloric content and most of it is healthy.

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hard to think of anything that would have a realistic chance of BTFOing concepts which already exist while also being easy enough for wagies to operate.

With that being said, I think a taco shop would be cool.
>be in Canada
>the only shop we have that is like a Taco Bell is Taco Bell
>learn about Del Taco, Mighty Taco, Taco Johns and all these other American chains that are like offshoots of Taco Bell
We have Chipotles and lots of local burrito chains but they have a more fast casual vibe where they prepare your items at a counter like subway BUT we dont have any alternative to Taco Bell where you order your shit and then wait for your americanized mexican food to show up.

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titties, beer, and dawgs

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>cuke city
yes please

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Five Guys except you don't need to take out a loan to afford a meal.

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>too poor for burgers
they... they don't actually, do they?

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Sorry I forgot part of blue board culture is acting like a catty gay man and giving the impression the price of things doesn't affect your decisions whatsoever. My bad.

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Every five minutes the lights turn off and the waiters switch your meal with someone elses

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>for burgers
surely not, they can't actually

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So basically an In&Out?

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Never had it. I don't think it exists in the UK. We basically have McDonald's, Burger King, and in some places Five Guys. A Five Guys meal costs the average wagie an hour of their life to buy.

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I know what my ideal fast food restaurant would be, a Mexican/Mediterranean fusion rotisserie joint. Tortilla wraps with fresh roast chicken, shawarma, al pastor, and various house made salads and salsas.

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I'm never going to do this anyway so may as well let someone else have the idea.
>Primarily serves barbecue and chili
>Pick your barbecue type (chicken, pork, brisket, etc.)
>It can go on cornbread, sandwich, nachos, fries, or baked potato
>choose fixin's (cheese, pickles, onions, slaw, sauce, etc.)
>choose sides (beans, etc.) or cup of chili
>also serves chili from mild to hot (white chicken, verde pork, red brisket)
>vegetarian options are same recipe but with beans
>if you want chili with beans just mix the two types together

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yeah I'll have a bacon dog with everything and a freestyle. and I'll pay for that short poor guy over there too he looks so sad and angry

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>A Five Guys meal costs the average wagie an hour of their life to buy.
imagine being european

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>Adding cheese is 1.30 for some reason
>Adding mayo, lettuce, pickles, tomato, grilled onions, grilled shrooms, ketchup, and mustard is free

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Taco Bell but managed by a German concentration camp meister who also trains everyone, so it has some god damn consistency and quality.
I could order a quesarito at three times of the day at two different Taco Bells, and none of them would be the same.
Say what you want about McDick's, but a Big Mac in bumfuck nowhere Kansas is the same as a Big Mac anywhere else in the world.

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that's part of the adventure. see also: the bonus wendys I used to go to that always put something I didn't ask for in the bag

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You drive by and put a 10$ bill in a slot and when you get to the window they hand you the same meal burger and fries exactly the same every time only 1 menu item. The item can be sold very cheaply since that is all that would be sold so everything would be perfectly streamlined.
I probably wouldn't go there too often but I like the simplicity of the idea

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Congratulations anon, you somehow just made a somehow less practical and overall worse vending machine

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Taco Del Mar? TacoTime?

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canadian a&w but where I live

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yeah I thought of that but no because it would be freshly made. (Probably extremely fresh too, since like I said the process would be incredibly streamlined, so your meal would be starting to be made probably only a few minutes before you pay)

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Gotta be a German place
>pork knuckle

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I wish we still had the whistle dogs.

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I from Toronto and neither of those chains expanded here but I looked at those menus and thats exactly what I would love to see around me. A chain that directly competes with Taco Bell.

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would eat the fuck out of some pork bean chili fires anon

the concept sounds better as a food truck tho

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a chain of medieval taverns with the works
>cobblestone walls
>floor lined with straw
>roaring fireplace and bubbling cauldron of perpetual stew
>wooden beer steins full of frothy ale, grog, small beer
>roast dinners and sausages
>bards with lutes and busty wenches

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Hooters but with trans girls.
Their hot pants have to be so tight I can see the veins on their cocks.

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One that uses fresh ingredients and puts a runny egg on burgers.

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>everyone stinks and has black teeth
>high chance of contracting deadly diseases

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Biscuitville but with burgers. Fresh local ingredients.

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this nigga drinking mead!

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My mouth is watering already.

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>It's another not so subtle goyslop advert thread


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>go to five guys for the first time
>didn't know you have to ask for toppings yourself
>order a hamburger and fries
>clerk looks at me like I'm insane, asking "that's it?"
>get given a hot dog instead
>complain and get the burger as well
>realise they both don't have toppings
>eat them whilst feeling like a fool

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McDonalds, but I want my fucking snack wraps and salads in a cup back.

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>>everyone stinks and has black teeth
Like a regular British pub?

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What is the deal with taco bell being a shit storm of bad employees? I don't even go to mine anymore because it takes ages to get your food. It is insane. I am talking 2 people ahead of you in drive thru? Easily 20-25 minute wait and those guys ahead of you are not ordering mountains of food. It is mind boggling how they have not gone out of business.

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Hooters but with force-feminized sissy maids as staff.

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One that’s completely automated by robots. That way I would t have to interact with anyone.

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Seconding with a few modifications
>use real medieval recipes to target the 'organic croud'.
>Everything must be made without modern cooking devices, ie over a fire.

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Culvers except it's on the East Coast.

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burger place but no mayo sold under any circumstances
mustard and ketchup are the only available condiment sauces

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Something like Fazolis, but with good food.

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I like how most posts ITT are just "X, but good".

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It's a flexible format, you can have stripped-down menus and also have it be full-service, kind of like Panda vs. Panda Express

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A Dick's Drive-In with a drive-thru window.

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grilled cheese place. sells one thing: grilled cheese, with pickles or without. those are only options. coke or water to drink.

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I have a place called bbq house near me that is exactly this.

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White Castle?

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Just a point of clarification, pickles on the grilled cheese or served on the side?

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I was thinking dill chips on it but after considering further, I've decided a spear would be preferable.

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No tomato soup?

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I'm afraid not. the sandwiches will speak for themselves

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aside from the bards and wenches we actually have that in town to a tee. it's a Victorian themed inn that does wine tastings and traditional British food. good beer too.

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>that'll be $57.25 plus tip sir

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Raising Cane's but with a little more menu variety, so it's not solely based around the fingers.
Like offer a spicy chicken sandwich to compete with other chains
And some better fries, like Good Times ones

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rock n roll themed
Chipotle for shredded meat sandwiches.
>pork, beef, chicken, fuck it, flaked tuna or some shit
>pick bread type
>pick sauce
>pick cheese type
>toppings (slaw, jalapeños, fries)
>pick side (Mac n cheese, fries, slaw, baked beans)
>pick drink
Boom, order ready.
Limited options so it's fast, but consistent quality, and its hard to find a decent fast food pulled pork sandwich anywhere, so the market is there.

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A five guys meal, IE a burger, fries and drink costs nearly $15 near me, which is like 2 hours at minimum wage

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it exists
its dominoes
>$5 large pizzas
>closes at 11pm so no drunks or crackheads
>doesnt open until midday so no coffee newspaper boomers
>no seating, you go in, get your pizza and get out

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anon you know a big mac meal is $17 now right?

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i actually want/wanted to do this but the reality is that even if you just served alcohol only you'd struggle to stay open longer than the initial 2 month "lets check out that new place" phase

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Cheese is food.
Vegetables aren't food (mustard is a vegetable)

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no niggers

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Chipotle or Moe's, but without the high salt levels.

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You sound more suited to downing several hoppy IPA's at the barcade.

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no i'm not a hipster or a cityfag

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>wanting a medieval D&D tavern is considered normalfag hipster shit now
i hate the modern internet

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A king crab leg joint exclusively in movie theater lobbies.

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The Storm Crow Tavern and Alehouse were fucking normalfag central. No matter how good your intentions are, you can't run a business on a niche demographic without attracting the "OMG, guize, I am such a nerd for hanging out here isn't that cool?" audience that actually goes out to restaurant/bars.
Luckily they shuttered due to the memeflu. Good riddance.

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Yea. Suburb boys. High five

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>his neighbour is closer than a 20min drive
fuck off fucking townie

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A fast-food restaurent with 3 different tiers for every item on the menu, at different tiers of quality and of course price.
The shit tier items are made from older and lesser quality ingredients, lower grade beef, etc. They might even try to pass off fuck-ups from higher tier orders unto you (overcooked shit, patties accidentally dropped on the floor, etc). Finding hair in your burger is a normal occurrence as the shit-tier burger flippers are not required to use hair nets. If a bag of hamburger buns expires/start to get a little moldy, they aren't thrown out, they're used for peasant customers orders.
The eating hall is segregated in different zones depending on the tier you ordered from, with high-tier costumer overlooking the poors through one-way windows.

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cheaper culvers

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brave new dolan

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Greek Food, I live in a southern rural hellhole so the only good Greek places are an hour drive and arby's has awful Gyros

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>arby's has awful Gyros
no cap? i've been wanting to try theirs

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Filipino tacos
Now I'm not Filipino and have no idea if flips have a version of tacos, but I'm imagining a restaurant that is to taco bell what Jollibee is to McDonald's. It would basically be sweet and weird Jollibee-tier food in Mexican food shapes. Imagine a burrito filled with rice, sugary garlic sauce, pork, shrimp, and egg. A meatloaf taco with sugary gravy and mushrooms. Etc. And baja blast flavored bubble tea.

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Sneed's Feed and Seed.

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Any "slap shit in a bowl down a line" place. It's missing from fast food-tier priced things (or at least I've never seen one).

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Gruel hut. Serves 3 types: thin, thick, and chunky. 3 sizes: mug, tumbler, and bucket.

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Salad and bread focused delivery marketed to doordash addicted caucasian office people. Delivery will be in house and kind of like Jimmy Johns. I'd keep the chain local and small scale so the vegetable sourcing isn't completely fucked.
Each salad comes with bread, or some kind of glute free vegan cornbread for the real freaks. White people love fresh bread, so I'd make my wagies bake it themselves.
This is fantastical territory, but I'd also like to have a fleet of electric/diesel vehicles to use for delivery and advertising.

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NO SEED OILS is main thing I'm asking for
every fucking place and every fucking thing has them

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gyros and kebabs, but high quality.
good, crispy, well-seasoned skin-on fries that have been blanched properly.
fresh salads to accompany the meats.
in-store baked pittas and flatbreads to accompany the meats also.
house dressing we make in-store, also mayonnaise.
selling meat wraps, kebabs, meat and fries, meat and salads... etc.

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The regular option should be chili without beans, and the "vegetarian" (in quotes) option should be chili with beans (i.e. also including the meat)
Train the cashiers to act really confused if anyone ever complains, like it's the first time they've ever heard it and the angry vegetarian customer is acting like a schizo

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Afrosalad: "black" "soul food" marketed to white vegan hipster yuppies

Imagine like, all the soul food sides such as fried okra, macaroni and cheese, collard greens, and cornbread, combined with salad in salad bowls, with a picture of George Floyd on the lid. Marketed heavily on delivery apps in big cities.

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Lol, as if you have a shit more than 6 months ago. What do you reckon the damage has been to your body before now? You must be riddled with cancer and have huge tits, right? Fucking retard

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Which places still use them?

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i would make chicken tender wraps.the only condoment is honey mustard

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jokes on you, i was only pretending to be tarded

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My company's sign in the top left corner

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Your local Dominos closes at 11 because they don't do any business after that. Mine's open till like 2.
Plus, Dominos sucks.

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they do

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Its called Cookout.

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I don't know if it's quite fast enough for fast food, but I'd open an okonomiyaki shop.
Having traditional Osaka and Hiroshima styles and monjayaki, and then fusion stuff with western flavors as well.

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>If you could create any kind of fast food restaurant what would it be?

My idea isn't very ambitious, but if I had to create and operate a fast food establishment I'd like to run a place that sells signature chili & sloppy joes, a long with burgers (the paddies dipped in the same 'secret' red sauce used for the sloppy joes), fries, onion rings, and milkshakes.

It don't even think I'd have indoor seating. Just a place to order/pick-up food, a drive-thru, and some benches in and around the places' parking lot would do me.

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Poor? More like that the prices don't match the product the slightest.

>> No.17844903

Id eat there

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Man and I thought this place was robbery in the US.

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We should be partners lmao

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literally just mcdonalds but no black people allowed inside so everything stays nice

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>What would /ck/'s ideal fast food restaurant be?
one that is automatized and in my home

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>If you could create any kind of fast food restaurant what would it be?

A $5.00 (or whatever) limit on orders via the drive-thru during the lunch hour rush, 11:00am to 1:00pm.

Far too many times I’ve tried to get some fast food at lunch, only to be trapped behind some dumbass soccer mom with half a dozen squalling brats, ordering $9000 worth of custom made shit and holding up literally hundreds of people who ACTUALLY HAVE FUCKING JOBS from getting their lunch.

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I would eat there each weekend. Godtier Idea, Anon.
Bonus points if there are small, seperate rooms you can rent for DnD or other RPGs and ring a bell for service.
Imagine being able to play DnD dressed like your Characters and ring a bell to get the whole squad Mead and medieval food during breaks. Id kill for such a place in my Town

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>nope, sorry, gotta be under $5
>nope, sorry, gotta be under $5
>nope, sorry, gotta be under $5

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you think they would heed your sign or still pull up and refuse to move until they had several $5 orders? karen doesnt give a fuck

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